Insomnia is the lack of sleep. If you see the reason for insomnia, stress, anxiety and chronic stress are the primary cause of it. Insomnia is seen now a day’s more frequent in adults. Reflexology and acupressure can induce healthy sleep and it becomes a natural alternative solution for taking sleeping pills. There are several energy meridians in our body; the flow of energy in insomnia is affected due to chronic stress. The energy flow has some obstruction. When at this period you start acupressure treatment the energy distribution will be throughout our body evenly and thus making our human system relax and help us sleep restfully.

There are particular specific acupressure points in our body when it is stimulated sleep will naturally get induced so that sound sleep is attained.



This region is considered as the best point when stimulated in our body, sleep is attained and our body gets relaxed. The other name for this region is P6 or pericardium 6. This neiguan region helps in calm down of spirit. It is depression found in hand naturally between the tendons. Find the depression on tendons by gently placing three fingers at the below region of the wrist. Try to give steady pressure on that region, it helps in good relaxation. If you want a good sound sleep take a kidney-shaped bean and tap it on the neiguan point.



At the bottom of feet, this shimien pressure point is located. It is a good pressure point for insomnia. Give pressure in front of the heal, this is a very easy location that can be identified, this region is very tender, so try to be very careful while applying pressure on this region. This application of pressure on this particular point causes insomnia. When you do it in the right mode, it wouldn’t hurt you. So try it out giving pressure on this shimien point and experience a good quality of sleep.



This shenmen point is also termed as spirit gate. This region helps in regulating energy and pathway to our heart. Shenmen point is found in the basal region of the small finger, this small finger gets intersect with the crease of the wrist region. Try giving pressure on this shenmen region continuously for 20 seconds. After that, you can get effective sleep and thereby decrease your energy level and thus give natural calm down to our spirit and fall in sleep occurs.



This amnion is the only pressure point that is found in the head, which is related to sleep-inducing. Anmian pressure point is found behind the ear region. This point to be pressurized by gently applying pressure on this point using either your index or middle finger. This point is where the neck muscles and jawline get connected. Try to give maximum pressure but do it gently on that region for 20 minutes. When you start doing like that, you will feel relaxed and calm down, and then automatically sleep will be induced.

The best ever points for sleep induce is K6 and B62, which is found between the heal region and ankle bone. When these points are stimulated by gentle pressure, sleeping disorders are prevented and the sleep what you get over by this method is known as joyful sleep.

HOW ACUPUNCTURE cures insomnia?


There are so many methods followed worldwide to treat insomnia, they are therapy under the sun, smart drugs, honey, electromagnetic therapy etc. In this acupuncture seems to be the best ever remedy to induce sleep naturally without any side effects, if you want to sleep like a baby, then try out this acupuncture method and stimulate the acupressure points present in our body. This acupuncture is a Chinese practice that is widely practiced now everywhere. The concept is a needle that is used in acupuncture, which helps in modulating the electronic flow on your skin.

In insomnia patients when acupressure is applied it increases the melatonin production during night times and thus good quality of sleep is induced and sleeping duration is also increased. Thus sleep quality and sleep activity are improved significantly by following acupuncture treatment.

The chronic pain is relieved by following acupuncture therapy continuously. Chronic pain may be the causative factor for sleeplessness so that pain can be reduced by applying acupressure on that region and thereby sleep is attained naturally. An acupuncturist will thoroughly understand your body and mind. So clear analysis helps in treatment much more effective. So choose an expert acupuncturist. There are so many sleeping drugs available on the market, but all these drugs can induce sleep at the time but they cannot permanently relieve insomnia. The use of hypnotics or drugs for sleep-inducing to be taken in lesser quantity or else will end up with other complications.

In acupressure the pressure points are stimulated by using finger pressure, wherelse in acupuncture needle is used to stimulate the pressure points found in our body. When the pressure points are stimulated blood circulation is improved and tension on the muscles gets relieved, also energy level is enhanced and thus restful sleep is attained naturally. This acupressure therapy is referred as heavenly gate point, where the active points in our human system are stimulated and you should try it out this method and then feel the experience of practicing acupressure or acupuncture, then you will not give up the therapy forever.

So why still wasting time in buying sleeping pills to induce sleep to try our natural therapy of acupressure or acupuncture and get improved quality of sleep and definitely you will sleep like a baby. Thanks for taking time to readout my article, if you really like my post kindly do share it with your friends and family members on social media. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.


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