Ginger – A Tea Ingredient or Something More?

This unshaped root is commonly used in India only in teas and is famous as a famous tea ingredient. But it is certainly more than that. Do you know it has been used for its medicinal values among many nations? It is said to be a storehouse of many minerals and vitamins. But what makes them so special?

So, let’s check out what makes it essential and some of the amazing benefits which you might be unaware about.

An instant relief from sore throat-

Be a ginger lover during your cold and flu infection. Ginger has been the more effective treatment against colds. You will get a fast result and your cold will be short lived for sure. You can have it as a ginger tea or can also have it in hot water by adding some lemon juice and taking small sips.

 No more digestion problems-

Ginger helps in proper digestion of the food too. It helps in the fast processing of food in intestines and also stimulates saliva. They also provide relieve at the time of stomach irritation and during stomach ache. In general, it is used to treat almost all kind of stomach related problems including diarrhea as well as loss of appetite.

Good Bye morning sickness-

People looking for a remedy to get a relief from nausea, here’s an easy gharelu upay in hindi for you. Eating raw ginger can give you an immediate relief. This can also be taken by pregnant women experiencing vomiting or nausea. Those who consume ginger regularly will suffer less from nausea as compared to people who don’t.

A pain killer-

Ginger also acts as a pain killer. It is very beneficial for women suffering from severe pain during menstrual cycle. There would be improvements in removing the pain symptoms. Even in the case of headaches, cramps and muscle soreness ginger has been proved to be very effective.

Best medicine for Arthritis-

Arthritis patients, there’s a good news for you. You have the best one at your home. Ginger has been very powerful in this treatment. It is said to contain some chemicals which has anti-inflammatory effects, which make this benefit of ginger no more surprising. We can either have ginger extract or it can also be applied by as oil.

Anti-Diabetic properties-

The health benefits which we can derive from these small little spices are not over. Diabetic patients, ginger can treat you. They are very helpful in drastically lowering blood sugars. Only 2 grams of ginger powder can cure you and can also regulates the insulin response in people with diabetes. But it is always advised to consult the health professionals before taking them.

Prevents cancer-

Ginger can be considered as an alternative treatment for treating several forms of cancer. The anti-cancer properties are attributed to 6 gingerol, a substance that has been found in large amounts in raw ginger. There has been some evidence that Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer can be effectively prevented by taking ginger regularly in meals.

After reading all these benefits, ginger is no less than a ‘super spice’ for us. And these are not all the benefits that ginger has, there are a lot more. So, I am sure from next time ginger would no more be just a tea ingredient for us, but a medicinal store.


Sakshi Jain

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