Today’s world is a modern world, with more scientific inventions and we people all are educated in a good manner, independent and we are empowered women’s. India stands number one in following cultural and traditional practices and without denying we accept that yes India undoubtedly seems to be the best nation in following the cultural practices. We value that quality but when it comes to this kind of action we need to think over. Let’s discuss it in detail in this article, Khatna is nothing but Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting. This cruel practice is done by Bohra community peoples. The young girls at the age of six, seven and eight are done with this khatna practice. This method of practice is not even discussed outside its kept as a secret between these Bohras community person, but nowadays a few victims of Bohra tradition are creating awareness and coming brave heartedly fighting against the injustice and open up their mind in speaking out about this cruel practice.


How these girls get the boldness to raise voice on it, it is none other than the pain these girls suffered during khatna practice on them that only triggered them to speak out about this worse practice thereby their intentions on saving another female child.

The reason behind doing Khatna

The real truth behind the practice of khatna by Islam’s is “The unwanted skin found in that region is the causative for doing all sins “. That’s why that is made compulsorily to cut over from there, so that they will stay good before their marriage life and doesn’t involve an unwanted illegal sex affair before, that’s way to maintain a custom and to save female child from her sex spoilage it is done at the earlier age of 7 or 8 years more commonly.

How khatna done?

The midwives use blades and knife to cut the genitals after that pain remains for the person who faced khatna method, usually, kids face bleeding and severe pain, the bleeding remains for almost a week period, during this time they are advised to use sanitary pads.

Raise Hands and Give voice


Most people think that this khatna is a religious custom method which has to be done without fail; this condition needs necessary steps to take in saving the female child, so to save other female children is very important and this kind of practice is a child abuse that must be eradicated and thrown away from our society. This process really affects even the marriage life of girl, says a Bohra community women, she openly speaks with a broad mind that, I wonder whether do I live up my marriage life to that most or not and this kind of practice done before give no feel of pleasure even after marriage, what is the need then to do such a cruel thing and spoil in happiness and pleasure of a normal human being.  It still doesn’t know why it’s done on us, God gave us our life, body, and soul. We have no rights to deal with it. Please guide them good knowledge and moral values at the young age of a girl, but don’t indulge such an illegal practice that affects their mind and body. In the United States of America, this kind of action is marked as a human rights violation, but we Indians still keep on practicing such a thing and India also has to come forward to ban this from all community and safeguard female children. Life is created by God, life has to go well with all natural ceremonies and rituals, which make them happier, say your child, instruct and educate them on wrongness of sex doing before marriage by communicating them and not by doing this kind of violence, stop violence and raise your hands and give voice together to put an end to this khatna. Let’s save the life of female children.

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