Understanding is the best gift a child can receive from a parent. Parenting is a challenge in today’s scenario since the children have to deal with more stress in life. It is very important to have a very high emotional quotient in order to deal with the emotional roller coaster of one’s child.  It is important for a child to be well adjusted psychologically to his/her important and good parenting can surely help in doing so.  Good parenting saves children from developing psychological complications such as anxiety, depression, and the like.  A good relationship with the child would help the child bond with the parent with love and affection and also prevent bad behavior.  Parenting is not about pampering the child.

There are some time tested ways which has to be kept in mind in order to raise good children.

1.Be a role model: Being a role model for the child is the most important since the child learns from a role model and their first role model happens to be the parents. In order to make them polite, it is important to use a good vocabulary yourself. Using words like “please” “thank you” would help incorporate it in their vocabulary.


2.Involvement of both parents: It is important for both the parents to pay equal attention to the child. It is not just the responsibility of the mother to look after the child. A father’s involvement helps in the complete mental development of the child. It is important for the parents to spend more time playing with the children, interact with the children as it would help them bond and also develop a high self esteem in the child.

3.Offer praises to the child: Offering praise to the child would improve his/her self esteem. It would also help in the reinforcement of positive behaviors. However pampering a child is not the solution. Strict discipline is important in the case of negative behavioral traits.

4.Encourage being social: It is important to encourage friendships and let the child interact so that the child feels at ease with others socially which is crucial for overall healthy development.

5.Being in control: It is important to be in control to control the child’s experimentation with risk taking behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and the like.

6.Good communication: It is important to be clear with the child regarding the rules of behavior and misbehavior. This would help in dealing with children in a better way.

7.Physical love: It is important to express love to the child physically such as hugging and a warm kiss. This would make the child feel more connected to the parents.


8.Understanding that every child is unique: Understand the unique qualities of your child and nurture the qualities you find unique in the child. This would add to the self-esteem of the child. Comparing the child to other children would be detrimental to a child’s self esteem.

9.Giving space is important: Providing psychological space to the child is very important since being intrusive might take the child away from the parent. A balance is very important between being distant and too intrusive.

10.Positive relationships: It is important to maintain positive relationship with each other as parents and also with others so that the kids learn good relationship skills.

11.Show that your love is unconditional: It is important to let the child know that they can turn to their parents every time without the fear of being judged. Be encouraging even when the parents are trying to discipline the child.

12.Do not be distracted: It is very important to limit distractions while interacting with the child. Keep the computer and smartphone aside and give undivided attention to the child.

13.Try understanding their feelings: Try to understand what they feel. Sometimes kids are unable to understand their own emotions and are not able to express their own emotions. Help children label their emotions and help them understand it. Introverted kids experience more difficulty in expressing their emotions therefore it’s important to give more time to such kids to process their emotions.

14.Understanding their personality: It is important to understand the personality of the child and deal with the child accordingly. An introvert has to be dealt in a different way as compared to an extrovert.

15.Seek help: Last but not the least, it is important to seek help from a mental health professional. They would support parents in dealing with the child in a positive way. Therapists provide you with lots of techniques such as Rogerian therapy, which helps the parents a lot.

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Psychologist Shyamolima Datta

Shyamolima Datta is a Counselling Psychologist . She finished B.A(honours) and Masters in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia University respectively along with an advanced diploma in Counselling Psychology, Body image among adolescents is an important topic of research where she has researched on Body Image and its relationship to anxiety and depression among adolescent girls"She follows the "humanistic approach" for therapy where "unconditional positive regard" is crucial to bring a lasting change in a person's mental setup. Cognitive behaviour therapy is also used by her to treat depression , phobia and the like.Counselling the highly sensitive and introverts ,its her forte as she has dealt with them using psychotherapy given by Carl Jung, to come out of their shell and face the world keeping their personality intact .

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