Green Tea – Is It Really Healthy

” You should really start taking a cup of green tea, it is very healthy!”

I was just on my rounds where i overheard people talking.

Its okay for people to talk but almost every person around me seems to be an health expert!

Excellent marketing skills have led to over consumption of green tea labeled as a healthy food! Green tea benefits are almost same as the black tea or oolong tea where the only difference is the process of formation. Green tea undergoes the least processing which makes it retain more nutrients as compared to other teas. Green tea has a dark side too, just like other beverages.

Maybe a bit less though! Lets have a look 🙂

(1) If you are on any medication, it might react! –

Drugs are highly reactive to polyphenols which are present in green tea. – Polyphenols can block the healing properties of many drugs.

(2) It might cause digestive issues! –

Since green tea does not undergo any processing, tannins which are present in the green tea leaves are not removed. – Tannis might cause nausea symptoms. – Sometimes it might lead to excessive acid production in the stomach.

(3) Decreases the iron absorption – 

Green tea contains catechins which are antioxidants that can block the absorption of iron from food which you eat. – Iron deficiency is awful which results into anemia. – Anemia causes fatigue because sufficient oxygen is not circulated throughout the body due to low haemoglobin levels in the body.

(4) Issues with nervous system – 

Green tea contains caffeine similarly like tea or coffee which has lower caffeine content. – Excessive consumption of green tea can lead to insomnia, anxiety, excessive urination, Elevated heartbeat, muscle cramps.

(5) Not a good choice during pregnancy! –

Caffeine present in green tea decreases calcium content in the body which keads to weaker bones, which is an alarming symptom in an expecting mother. – Also, caffeine, catechins and tannins are individually related to increased risk of miscarriage. – Tannins and catechins passed on to breast milk can also block absorption of nutrients like proteins and fats in an infant’s system.

(6) Suffering from glaucoma, avoid green tea! – 

The disease impairs the optic nerve and green tea increases the pressure on the eye within minutes of drinking it because caffeine accelerates intraocular pressure. –  The effects take more than an hour to subside which becomes as issue for patients suffering with glaucoma! Choose wisely, your health is in your hands!

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

With varied degrees, Trishala Chopra gets a complete hold in her subject! She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the field of alternative therapies and her diploma in sports nutrition. Her knowledge in the field of naturopathy,yoga, ayurveda, clinical nutrition, nutraceuticals makes her a complete package of knowledge!

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