Gym Vs Yoga

One insists on being good, then the other looks good. Our muscles can do great things. Along with strengthening them, if the lucrative is also made, their abilities can be extended extraordinarily. If you work hard to lift your weight, then your muscles will look bigger and larger. You must have seen such people whose muscles are strong and emerging but are not flexible enough and can’t even bend their body.


“Yoga” word comes from ancient Sanskrit word युज which means how to come closer to God Yoga is the five-thousand-year-old style of Indian knowledge. In which the work of bringing the human body, consciousness, and soul together (Yoga) is done. Practicing yoga makes the body and mind completely healthy. It will make you feel healthy with the three healthy ones. Yoga is not only diagnosed with diseases but also capable to overcome many physical and mental disorders. Yoga improves the immune system and creates new energy in life. Yoga keeps the body strong and flexible and relieves stress, which is essential for everyday life. Yoga postures and postures keep both the body and mind active.

Some Benefits of Yoga:

  • Continuous practice of yoga is very good for muscles. By removing tension, good sleep, also hunger is good, digestion is right.
  • Pranayama and meditation of yoga are very beneficial for the body. Through pranayama, there is control over the movement of breathlessness, which gives great benefit to the respiratory institution related diseases. Pranayama has a very positive effect on the body.
  • Meditation is also one of the most important parts of yoga. Nowadays meditation is promoting meditation in more foreign countries than in our country. Tension has increased due to today’s materialism, day-night running in the Wadi culture, the pressure of work, distrust in relationships etc. There is nothing better than meditation in such a situation, by removing mental stress, deep inner peace is experienced, work quality increases, makes you sleep better. Not only concentration but also the power of the mind increases.
  • Yoga reduces the level of blood sugar and reduces LDL or bad cholesterol. Yoga is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients.


A gym is a modern way of doing exercise with the help of machines. People go to the gym for bodybuilding, reducing weight or for toning their body. To achieve good results from it, one must follow a proper diet plan with it.

Points to remember:

  • You will get the benefit of your exercise only when you eat some healthy for half an hour after doing it. If the food you eat is rich in protein, then it is good.
  • After the exercise, you must keep in mind what are you eating. Just as if the workout is done in the evening then you should eat the carbohydrate diet and if you are working in the morning then you can eat biscuits, sugar, cakes, snacks, candy carbohydrates.
  • The practitioner must eat at least one tablespoon ghee during the day.
  • Sweat comes after gym and it reduces water in the body. To meet this shortage of water, we should drink more and more water.

The practice of exercising or strengthening the body by lifting weight in the gym gives you the strength of the animal. But you can achieve strength in an entirely different way, and for this, you do not even need to look like an animal. To exercise in yoga, only the weight of your body is used. You will not get any excuse that there is no gym for you. You can exercise wherever you are. Your body is with you only. It is equally effective to make the body tidy, as much as the weight lifting in the gym. It does not have any unnecessary pressure on the whole system. You will not be seen as a wild animal. You will know a sensible person and it will make you very powerful too.

Yoga is not just a physical exercise. It is not just the work of body, muscles, and bones, but it also exercises the internal organs and systems of the body itself. This is a process, which can also be done under our control, which usually we have no power or authority. In other words, it is just like you can achieve so much skill on your physical system that whatever is happening inside you and being forceful, it starts gradually becoming cautious. It creates consciousness and awareness in life.

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