For the last few months I could feel my sickness, getting tiered easily. Fever comes and goes frequently, I could realize that my immunity power is getting lowered, medicines gave me only temporary relief,  I felt the need for detoxification of my whole body, by doing detox, the toxins from the body get eliminated from the system and making it function better and properly, thereby immune system gets empowered. The detox process I chosen to start and when I compared detox process with the navratra fasting, here there will be nine days of fasting at navratra festival time, thus fasting benefit I can get from just one visit to my detox clinic and then cleanse out my body well by flushing out the toxins. I was waiting for that day.

I was already pre-informed by the detox clinic instructor about my diet, they said to eat food at previous night as a light dinner and have a good rest, but I didn’t eat anything, gone to the detox clinic on an empty stomach. The instructor who gave me guidance and taken care has a pleasant smile in his face and had a good cheeriness that made me motivated for my detox program also it made my morning delighted and brightened.


Nose Lubrication

Nose Lubrication

I kept lie down; my mind was made to think of my breathing. At that moment I prayed to god that I should get a good cleansing of my body and free from harmful toxins. Then they poured a mixture of ghee on my nostrils, that mixture contains camphor in it, I could very well feel about it. Camphor has a strong odor that comes from the ghee mixture. Nasal cavity is the brain’s, consciousness and minds gateway, from the nose only vital force air gets flowed to the other regions of body, thus nasal lubrication helps to detoxify the nasal cavity, thus clears and lubricates the pathways of respiratory system.

Nasal Douche

Nasal Douche

Here Jalneeti was practiced; it is nothing but the cleansing of nostrils by pouring Luke warm water at one nostril which then comes out from the other nostrils. For this they use a small kettle like pot, it was done for just 5 to 7 minutes, not painful and discomfort, the instructor helped me out well to do this process well. Then my airways was clear so then we gone for the next level of detox mechanism.

Upper gut cleansing

In this process he told me to drink plenty of water and then he said me to take it out, yes do vomiting. For that he used a green color decoction, that he asked me to drink it, which I had it, I hate that smell. It’s similar to fennel seeds, I had it plenty of this fluids, and then taken vomiting, after doing so my stomach region was cleansed, so gut was cleansed up and cleared away from deadly toxins, now I could feel better, smooth and afterwards I felt lighter. Afterwards he instructed me to keep my hands over belly region and feel the breath by lying down; it gave me rest and soothing effect. Thus detox now happens inside my body through breathing.

Colon cleansing


This is the last part of the whole method, where cleansing of the colon takes place, here you need to drink lots of fennel water without taking vomiting, when I taken few glasses of this fennel water, he said to sit on a mat and do few exercises, following do breathing as how he instructed. The exercise includes twisting, bending and few stretches. All these exercise movements adds pressure on my abdomen region, then again I should drink the fennel solution, after that exercise to be done. Then bowel movements gets accelerated and made me to get motion and urged to go toilet, yes my colon are cleansed up, I feel lighter and smoother now, then I took few rest and thus my detox process was successfully completed.

Then my instructor suggested me to take only khichdi for the rest of the day and advised me to no to do any exercise further. I asked him let me take citrus fruits alone, he accepted for it. Thus my detox programme is over. I am feeling very much better, the benefit of this detox also revealed that it gives a glowing skin, which I could see the visible difference on the mirror.

Thanks a lot to the detox clinic which brings me the balance of vata, pitta and kapha. By doing this detox it helps to relieve asthma, allergy, IBS, migraine, Hair loss, skin issues and obesity management. The stress level gets lowered in your body and the immunity power is increased. There happens a balance level of mind body and soul. Thus I wish everyone by after go throughout of this content, please know the importance of the whole body detox and start practicing it by visiting an expertise detox clinic. Detox your body and remain clear of those deadly toxins. Just flush out toxins from your body and stay healthier in a disease free state.

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