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Yoga has been the way of life since ancient times. Yoga is seen in different ways by different people. Some see yoga as some kind of philosophy or some kind of religion. But just wanted to clear this that yoga is not any religion. Yoga is a philosophy of life which is again based of some kind of psychological facts which is always aiming at development of perfect balance between the human body and human mind. There has to be perfect harmony between the two, there is always a race between both of it.

There are four vedas. When i break the word vedas it means that knowledge.

The four vedas are as follows :

  • Rig veda
  • Yajur veda
  • Sama veda
  • Atharva veda.

They do contain religious, philosophical and cultural ideas of hindus but it also has some parts of civilization in them.

In that civilization there comes HATHA YOGA.

Hath yoga pradipika says “Mastery of the body and breath are an undoubted aid to those concerned with their spiritual evolution. For by having full control over physical condition, the body becomes calm, allowing the mind to be directed inwardly more easily in perfect tranquility to achieve a higher spiritual level ” 

Hatha yoga is a major disciplinary which focuses on the main aim of health being absolutely perfect. Hatha yoga works with physical and mental purification which controls the mind and the body which is absolutely necessary to live in harmony. Hatha yoga works in a way where it is trying to increase the concentration power which further works in realisation of the self.

Lets understand more about the word HATHA YOGA. If we split the word HATHA, HA in Sanskrit means sun which signifies positive energy and THA in Sanskrit means moon which signifies negative energy. If we split the word YOGA, YUG in Sanskrit means either linking or joining or uniting.

When we unite the word HATHA YOGA, it means that the 2 forces are entering in the human body. When i say this, it means that the union of positive energy which comes from the sun and negative energy which comes from the moon is united to maintain a perfect balance to maintain the harmony in the body. If you master this art, you reach the harmony.

HATHA YOGA consists of 3 things together:

  • Control of mind
  • Pranayama which means controlling and regulating the breathing pattern
  • Asanas which means the body postures

These 3 things are very closely linked and it goes hand in hand.

With Hatha yoga, all you can achieve is harmony. It is very important to develop a balance between body and mind through pranayama and asanas.

Things can be done unconsciously as well when you start breathing in total depth. The main importance of pranayama is to achieve the mastery of mind, body balance.

hatha yoga

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When your mind and your body is working together in harmony due to hatha yoga discipline, you will start finding calm and peace in each and every moment.

Yoga Shastra tells us that prana is the air which we breath is actually fulfilling several functions in the human body, lets check what it means!

PRANA : It means that it circulates in the arms surrounding the heart and helps in controlling breathing.

APANA : It means that it circulates in the lower regions of the abdominal part and also helps in controlling excretory functions.

SAMANA : It means that it stimulates the gastric juices in the body which further helps in digestion.

UDANA : It always remains in the thoracic cage, which helps in the absorption of air and food in the body.

VYANA : It spreads throughout the body which helps in distributing the energy which we get from food throughout the body.

NAGA : It helps in releasing the abdominal pressure.

KURMA: It helps in controlling the eyelid movement which prevents from any foreign particles entering inside the body.

KRKARA : It prevents certain substances from entering in the nasal cavities which can enter the throat and cause diseases.

DEVADUTTA : This provokes yawning which helps in body to get extra oxygen.

DHANAMJAYA : It always remains in the body, even after death which results in the sweating of the body.

Deep breathing is extremely important to maintain the health of the nervous system, brain and endocrine glands as well.

If you see the breathing conditions in today’s world, our breathing is completely different and most of us do half breathing.

The whole nervous system is being hampered and endocrine glands are also being compromised which is leading cause of all endocrine disorders in today’s generation.

When there is inadequate supply of prana in the body, it leads to heart ailments.

Even stress causes improper breathing which leads to other health ailments.

Note- You can read about Kapalbhati Pranayama here by click on this link – KAPALBHATI PRANAYAMA .

In the upcoming articles, we shall talk about the physiology of pranayama and how to perform pranayama will also be discussed further.

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