Self Healing through Chakra meditation, De-stress Technique

Need of chakra meditation and how it can be done

As everyone I’m also into a professional job, working 9 hours a day and 5 days a week. And I can relate to the stress and depression you are facing or going through. All need to do is, start giving yourself some personal time in your own company. Relax, do the things you love to do whether it is listening to music, dancing or shopping or anything. Things that can make you happier not permanent but yes for a shorter period of time or start practicing meditation and see the change in your lifestyle your mood, you will less irritated, you shall be able to manage your anger and it will calm from inside.

Let us discuss in brief why you should meditation and what kind of meditation

Mediation is one of the most effective techniques for stress reduction and to control your overthinking. It also helps you to control your breath and focus all your energy on positive aspects of life. Through meditation, one can heal themselves.

What is chakra meditation?

Closed Chakras can be healed with meditation.
Chakra word is originated from the Sanskrit word cakra which is reformed as “Chakra”. There are seven chakras in our body which transfer flow of energy in the body. Each chakra defines a part of your body.

First Chakra: Root Chakra: Muladhara: Is of red color and is a base of the spine in tailbone area. The root chakra is responsible for stability, security and basic needs. When root chakra is closed, fear of losing and basic needs can be felt but when the chakra is open through meditation you started feeling safe and confident.

Now let me make one think very clear that how meditation is done. Simply put all the concentration on your breath and forget about all the worries in your life just concentrate on your breath and focus. Meditation is simply done to calm one’s anxiety. Let your mind blank. Spare some personal time; sit in any corner of your house, for grass root level, start it with a meditational music to help you concentrate. The mantra sound for root chakra is LAM.

Second chakra: Sacral chakra: Svadhistana chakra: Orange color represents sacral chakra, it relates it to sexuality and pleasure like emotions.

Third Chakra: Solar plexus chakra: Maniparna: Defined by the color yellow. It represents emotional sickness personal power and self-confidence. Located near the upper abdomen.

Fourth Chakra: Heart chakra: Manipura: It is defined by the color green. Represent emotional sickness like inner peace. The fourth chakra is located at the center of the chest.

Fifth Chakra: Throat chakra: Vishuddha: Defined by the color blue. As the name makes it too obvious to understand it is located in the throat. Represent emotional sickness like communication, self-expression of feelings.

Sixth Chakra: Third eye chakra: Ajna: Is the area between the third eye, in the space between the eyebrows.

Seventh Chakra: Crown chakra: Sahaswara: The highest chakra which allows our soul to meet the parmatma (The God). It is located on the very top of the head. Represents Inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality.


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