Dates belong to dry fruit category. They are loaded with so many minerals and vitamins in it. It is obtained from the dates palm tree, its sticky in nature. The taste of this fruit is much sweeter. It is energy dense fruit and if you’re trying out healthier choice for snacks try it out this dates. Everyone loves to have dates. In Middle Eastern countries dates seems to be their traditional fruit.  The origin of dates is Persian Gulf region. Dates are oval and cylindrical in shape fruits and they are 3-7 centimeter length. They are consumed in dried or fresh forms. There are dates with seeds and seedless dates available in the market.

Let’s see the health benefits of dates in the below segment.

1.A remedy for Anemia :

In anemia low level of RBC is seen, that may be due to deficiency of iron. This is loaded with a larger quantity of iron, which makes this fruit a healthier also perfect choice for treating anemia. Daily consumption of this gives significant benefits and cures completely anemia and giving human body stamina and vitality.


These are a rich source of fiber, which helps out in the passage of food through intestines and thus aiding in ease of bowel movements, thus when a person who suffers from constipation when taken this, it helps in good relief. Take few dates and soak it in water overnight in a bowl, then next day morning have this. It is an excellent remedy.


Well-ripened this fruit help in treating diarrhea effectively, these are loaded with a good quantity of potassium, and it helps in tightening of the bowels. These dates are used in treating chronic diarrhea itself. The fiber present in this fruit aids in the healthy functioning of the excretory system.


These are easily digested; they are well utilized and thus providing immediate energy. This fruit when taken on regular basis help in preventing the occurrence of abdominal cancer. What are comes in abdominal cancer? Ovarian cancer, renal cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer and pancreatic cancer.


When these soaked at nights and eaten in the morning helps in strengthening of heart and it energizes the heart to function properly, thus helping out in a good circulation of blood throughout the body, helping in reducing the blood pressure and lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood. This factor makes it healthy food in preventing heart diseases and even stroke occurrence is prevented from consuming this twice in a week.


These are a rich source of estradiol and flavonoids, these substances help in increasing the sperm count and the motility of sperms is also improved. Take one handful of this, to it add goat’s milk in a bowl. Now allow it to soak overnight. Next day morning take that mixtures to it add cardamom powder and honey and grind it in a blender. Now enjoy having this drink. It boosts up the sexual endurance and thus sterility rate is reduced. Stay Fit.

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