Health Benefits of lightening the Lamps (Deepak)

Enlightening the lamp (Deepak) during the worship of morning and evening in many houses is considered auspicious. Some people use the mud lamp for it, while some people use metal lamps. The flame is lit by adding ghee or oil, but do you know the benefits of lightening the Deepak’s for the home and us?

It is said in the scriptures that the work of the lamp itself is to remove darkness and spread the light. This brings goodness in the house and removes the diseases of the house. Let us know how the lamp lit in the house has spiritual benefits for our home and for us.

Benefits of lightening Deepak

  1. Work as air purifiers

When we ignite the lamp in the house, the smoke coming out of the flame does purify the house. The aroma arising from burning ghee and oil helps in extracting bacteria present in the air from the house. At the same time, the burning of the lamp leads to negativity and it helps in creating an atmosphere of virtue in the house. It is said that if you burn a lamp of oil then even after the lamp is extinguished, the effect of its holding remains for half an hour, and if the lamps of ghee are burnt, then its impact remains for 4 hours even after it is extinguished.

  1. Keep away from diseases

Deepak is also helpful in removing diseases from the house. Especially when you burn a clove with a lamp, it has a double effect. Ghee has all the properties of removing skin disease. Due to this, it is believed that the diseases of the house run away by burning ghee lamp. This eliminates pollution. Burning ghee lamp will benefit the whole house. Whether someone in that house has joined or has not been in worship. Indeed, when the ghee present in the lamp comes in contact with the fire, the atmosphere becomes sacred.

  1. Protection from negative energy

Lightening lamps keep away the negative energy in the surroundings. These negative energies may be in the form of devil souls, diseases or any other bad things.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Tell you that there are different ways of burning the lamp in which your intention will be happy and there will be a permanent habitation of happiness and prosperity in the house.
  • To get the grace of Lord Ganesha, light the Deepak of three lights.
  • If you worship Mother Lakshmi and want her grace to remain on you, then you should use the panoramic lamp to burn her.
  • If your sun planet is weak then to strengthen it, read the Aditya heart source and simultaneously burn the lamps of mustard oil.
  • To get the economic benefits you should regularly burn the lamps of pure native cow’s ghee.
  • For the suppression of enemies and opponents, burning of mustard oil in front of Bhairav Ji will beneficial.
  • People of Saturn and Sadesati of Shani enchant Shani Chalisa in Shani Mandir and burn the mustard oil lamp.
  • For the sake of Mother Durga or Kali Ji, one face lamp should be lit in cow’s ghee. Keeping the grace of Bhole Baba, it should be lit 8 or twelve faces yellow mustard oil.
  • For the happiness of Lord Vishnu, it is beneficial to burn the lamps of cow ghee with sixteen lamps.
  • For the happiness of Hanuman Ji, the lighting of sesame oil with eight bottles of the lamp is very beneficial.
  • Several types of lamps can be lit simultaneously during the worship plate or Arti. There is a provision of burning the whole flame in the rituals or practices done by resolution.
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