Super Exercise with Super health benefits of Swimming

People do various types of exercises to keep fit these days. Some people wake up in the morning, some people go to the gym and sweat. All kinds of exercises are beneficial for the body, but if you are looking for the exercise that we can say as a whole exercise then swimming is the correct answer.

Swimming works like a therapy. Fat layers removed from the body by swimming and the person feels more energetic. Every day 30 minutes of swimming reduces approximately 440 calories from the body. Water density is 800 times more than air and so when we swim, our body muscles exercises better.

The following information is given about the health benefits of swimming and what caution should be taken while swimming:

Health benefits of swimming

  • Muscle Strength: When you do regular swimming, there is no requirement of any other exercise. It strengthens muscles. Swimming requires 10 times more work than the gym. With the muscles stretching, the joint of the body also becomes strong.

  • Healthy Heart: Swimming makes the movement of the whole body. This makes blood circulation better. In such a way, Heart also remains healthy due to its better functioning. It also reduces stress because the fear of diseases associated with heart and mind is reduced to a considerable extent.

  • Weight Control / Weight Loss: It helps burn the body’s extra calories. It reduces the excess of fat on the body and keeps the body in good shape. It is a good exercise to bring flexibility to the body.

  • Cholesterol: The risk of heart disease and weight-related diseases decreases from swimming. It also increases the amount of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) required for the body; it prevents bad cholesterol (LDL) from growing.

  • Low risk of diabetes / Diabetes: Swimming works as a therapy for both diabetics 1 and 2 patients. Swimming starts decreasing cholesterol, which keeps weight and blood pressure in control. Because of this, there is no fluctuation in sugar level.

  • Stress: Swimming keeps the mind happy and the also discharge the hormone which increases stress in the body. This is a better therapy to combat depression.

  • Immunity: It has been learned from the study that those who swim at least 4 days in a week, their immune system is stronger than others. Such people are less likely to be ill and if fall ill then they get cured soon.

Which facilities are necessary for swimming?

Swimming needs to be given below. for example:

  • The water of the swimming pool should have a level of chlorine 0.5 ppm.
  • A regular check of water to prevent bacterial infection.
  • A swimming trainer is important.
  • Life jackets or tubes should be available for beginners.
  • The bridge should have a shower and a changing room.

Which Precautions to follow while Swimming?

Swimming is not only beneficial but during swimming, the chlorinated water of the pool can affect many parts of our body. Swimming is the perfect exercise for the body. It benefits the body in many ways, but some precautions are taken to avoid skin, eyes and ear infections.

  • Eyes: Chlorine-containing water reduces the moisture content of eyes. For this reason, there may be problems like itching and redness in the eyes. There may be conjunctivitis infection. Swim only by wearing swimming goggles. Choose a goggle that fits your eyes.
  • Skin: Those whose skin is very sensitive are susceptible to allergic water. They can have red rashes on the skin, itching, and irritation. Those whose skin becomes dry after swimming can use moisturizer lotion before or after it. Coconut oil can also be used.
  • Ear: Swimmer ears problems are seen in most of the people who swim. In this problem, there is infection and pain in swimmer’s ear due to chlorinated water which enters into ears. Wearing earplugs or caps can avoid ear infection. Do not swim when you have a cold. If you have trouble with allergic reactions in the ear after swimming then visit the ENT specialist.
  • Hair: Due to the chlorinated water in the pool, the hair becomes weak and lifeless. Apply olive oil or coconut oil before landing in the pool. Do not leave hair open. Wear the swimming cap.

In this way, you can enjoy swimming a lot by taking the above-given caution. Every type of exercise is necessary for our health, so every exercise should be given time and should try to stay fit according to your ability and health.

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