Health benefits of papaya leaf

Papaya is referred as the fruit of angels. Papaya was first found in Mexico region, then later it is cultivated all over the world. This tropical fruit is grown in all period of time. Just like how papaya has plenty of health benefits, the papaya leaves also has more health benefits. In today’s world of nutrition, papaya leaves health benefits is well recognized throughout the world. The leaf of papaya has more quantity of papain enzyme, chymopapain and aka enzymes. These enzymes present in papaya leaf are responsible for maintaining overall health of a human body. These enzymes are proteolytic in nature and thus helpful in digesting proteins in our body. They have natural diuretic property and helpful during heartburns.

Let us see in this article briefly on health benefits of taking papaya leaf juice, those health benefits are given below in detail.

The enzyme Papain acts as a natural exfoliate to the skin, thereby helping out in cleansing pores, and in maintaining healthy and glowing skin naturally. There are lots of vitamins and minerals enriched with papaya leaf, like vitamin-c, vitamin-E, vitamin-D and vitamin-A. The vitamin-A and hydroxyl acids help in improving skin tone. These compounds help in lightening the sun spots and give smoothness to the skin. The vitamin-c found in papaya leaf has the property to reverse the skin aging is among the best skin care tips for women. These compounds are good for eliminating pimples, acne, wrinkles and pigmentation.


The vitamin-A and vitamin-C is present in papaya leaf on a higher quantity, these substance helps to strengthen the immune system and thus help in cold and coughs from not occurring. These papaya leaves boost up the Th1 type cytokines on immune system. Thus giving more immuno therapeutic effects to papaya leaf and thereby preventing the infectious disease and allergic conditions.


Papaya leaf has natural anti-inflammatory properties; it helps to reduce the stubborn inflammation. Papain enzyme present in papaya has the anti-inflammatory property. They help in breaking damaged and oxidized proteins. These damaged proteins are prior cause for auto immune diseases, auto immune disorders can also be prevented on daily intake of papaya leaf. If you have elbow sprain, then you can take papaya leaves simply and wrap it on the elbow region, this will help in reducing the swollen.


These powerful enzymes present in papaya leaf helps in breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins, thus helps in ease of digestion. So if you have any digestive or gastric problem, then have this papaya leaf and get benefited. It helps in treating stomach ulcers effectively.


Papaya leaf has the property to increase the platelet count in blood, so when those people who are diagnosed with dengue incident drink papaya leaf juice daily with lemon juice in it, it helps in platelet count increase, also this has to be done thrice in a day to get best results.


Papaya leaf has the property to treat malaria effectively. In many regions of world this papaya leaf juice is used as anti malarial drug to treat and prevent malarial attacks.


Papaya leaf has the anti- cancerous properties, thus helps effectively in treating cervix cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. These cancerous preventing properties are found in papaya leaf extracts naturally, which helps in regulation of T-Cells, thus the immune system is enhanced. This cancer fighting properties are well recognized by worldwide people and as a part of chemotherapy this papaya leaf extracts remains. Thus it’s nature’s cure and one of the home remedies for cancer disease.


This papaya leaf helps in de-worming; it helps to remove the intestinal worms. Thus preventing the re occurrence of worms on the intestinal walls, thereby enhancing the immune system and thus naturally ward off from microbes and protecting the gut. Papaya leaf juice is highly recommended during typhoid fever. The active ingredients in papaya leaf suppress the typhoid fever and prevent from further typhoid attacks.


We all had wasted plenty of money to burn the fat, by using chemicals. But here come wonderful natural remedy to burn your body fat. Papaya leaves along with 2 slices of orange, when boiled altogether it helps in fat burning. Thus it acts as a natural fat reducing substance. Obesity persons can try this excellent remedy to get good results of fat burning without any side effects.


If you want effective natural way to get rid of menstrual pain, try this method. All you need is one papaya leaf, little tamarind, salt and one glass of water. Mix well these ingredients nicely. Now you can boil these ingredients all together and then cool it, afterwards drink it. It really works.


Prepare juice with papaya leaves, now you can apply it on the affected region directly and let it remain on the affected region for ½ an hour to 1 hour afterwards you can wash it with normal water. It is an amazing cure for eczema.


Papaya leaf juice is a natural method of treating dengue fever effectively. Dengue fever is caused due to aedes mosquito. This dengue is a deadly disease, needs immediate attention to save one lives.  25 ml of papaya juice twice a day should be taken daily for 10 days to get quicker healing. This papaya leaf extracts contain chymopapain and papain which helps in boosting up the immune system and increasing the platelet count in blood and helps in relieving dengue fever symptoms like fever, headache, muscle ache, joint ache and red rashes.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like to read my articles kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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