Raisin is such an amazing healthy dry fruit, this raisin seems to be a good alternative for sugar enriched snacks. Raisin has multi-health benefits, so it’s such a healthy food. There are so many names for raisin they are kishmish, lal draksh, and draksha. In appearance, if you see the raisins look like small in size with shrink and wrinkly in appearance, but possess much nutritional value. Raisins are much healthier; they are excellent beneficial food for the digestive system. Because of the natural pleasant sweet flavor of raisin, it seems to be liked by all age groups. Raisins contain a higher quantity of iron, B- vitamins and potassium.


  1. Sulphur-dioxide treated raisin
  2. Sun-dried raisin.
  3. Artificially dried raisin.

Raisin types may vary, the drying process of raisin may differ, but no sweetener is added to it, it has naturally sweet flavor, which is much liked even by kids.

Nutritional value of Raisins

100 counts of raisin provide this much nutritional value:

4 gram of sugar

6 gram of fiber

3 gram of protein

2 gram of fat

325 mg of potassium

24 gram of carbohydrate

129 calories

And a few amount of calcium, iron, vitamin B-6, magnesium, and vitamin-K.

Health usage of Raisins

  • Digestion-Raisin help in providing good digestion.
  • Constipation- The fiber present in raisin gives the laxative effect and this raisin fiber combine with other food material in the intestinal tract, thus stimulate the bowel movement and thereby eliminating constipation from occurring. Take a handful of black raisins in a bowl, add hot water to it, and allow it to soak in overnight and then in the morning squeeze those raisins nicely and drink that water. For good results try taking this raisin water morning and evening, then see the difference. Constipation problem will completely vanish.
  • Diarrhoea- The frequency of loose stools can be reduced by the raisins since loose stools watery nature will be absorbed by raisin and thus make the stools harden, thus diarrhea is treated well. It’s surprising how raisins can help with both diarrhea and constipation condition.
  • Energy enhancers- Its give instant energy, that’s why it seems to be a perfect food for athletes, bodybuilders, and week people so that energy level is boosted well that too on instantly. The glucose and fructose present in raisin make this instant energy released to the body.
  • Prevents Cancer occurrence– Raisin has the powerful antioxidant named catechins. This antioxidant fights well with the free radicals and thus prevents it from oxidation. Thus protecting our human cells from cancer occurring. Thus eating raisins on daily basis can help in preventing the onset of cancer.
  • Cure Anemia- Anemia occurs due to lack of iron, raisin is loaded with plenty of iron, thus helping in treating anemia efficiently. Raisin contains iron, B- vitamins and copper this nutrient helps in the formation of new red blood cells, increasing blood circulation and finally helps in prevention of anemia.
  • Reduce Acidity- The potassium and magnesium present in raisins help in lowering the acidity. Thus it acts as a good remedy in acidity.
  • Enhance Eye Health
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Cures Sexual Dysfunction
  • Treats effectively in viral and bacterial infections.

Wow, what an amazing dry fruit these raisins, loaded with power-packed nutrients and fully beneficial for human health. So try to include hereafter raisins regularly in your diet and stay benefitted out.

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