Khichdi is an easy to make recipe, it has all of its health benefits, Khichdi gets easily digested in stomach, and also the main health advantage is it is a gluten free dish, made easily at home. A real health packed food too. You can substitute chicken soup, with this healthy protein enriched dish. It is nutritious too. Khichdi prepared with whole lentils like green, yellow and red split lentils, so it is a powerful food packed with protein in it; also rice is added to it, so carbohydrate as a fuel source in it, so it supplies energy to the body. For enhancing taste just add few spices and you get a good flavour from it, now your Khichdi is ready it’s a vegan dish made with simple ingredients. Many prefer to have Khichdi as such, some may prefer to have Khichdi along with few curd in it.

Many think that Khichdi is eaten only during sickness, but it is not true, when you may come to know the benefits of eating this in your diet, then it may become a good menu for the day. In this session I am going to share you some of the useful benefits of having Khichdi in your diet. Those benefits were discussed below;

Digests easily- Khichdi is not loaded with too much spices and heavy items, so thereby it get’s easily digested in stomach and thus not making complication or strain to your intestine. Because of these factors Khichdi is considered a healthy dish for the sick people at home. It can be given to elderly people, babies and kids. If you are bored of trying the same menu pattern, then please opt for Khichdi at home, such a nutritious dish, prepared easily at home.

It is highly nutritious– It is considered as a nutritious food, it has calcium, magnesium, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, fibre, phosphorous and potassium. Several vegetables can be diced and added to it, so that all micro-nutrients will get in to dish, thus making it nutritious one, also few spices added to the Khichdi helps to improve your health. Mainly digestive health is improved.

Gluten free dish– dishes especially like moong dal Khichdi are easy to prepare and gluten free, because gluten is not present in rice and lentils. So those who want to stay away from gluten diet can take this healthy dish. In few medical conditions you need to opt for gluten free diet, so this dish can be a wonderful choice for your meal.

A recommended ayurvedic diet– It becomes a well recommended food of ayurveda; ayurvedic medicine practitioners recommend this in diet, because it helps to balance all three doshas in our body. Three doshas are vatta, pitta and kapha. This doshas can be kept in balance in our body just by consuming this in your diet. Khichdi eases the digestive system and helps in cleansing process too. Totally by taking Khichdi in your diet, you can enhance immunity power, increase digestion rate and also your energy level is increased in body.


Moong Dal Khichdi

Ingredients required for preparing Moong Dal Khichdi

Rice-1/2 cup

Split moong dal-1/2 cup

Medium size onion-1


Green chilli-1

Ginger-1/2 inch

Ghee/ oil-1 ½ tablespoon

Salt- as per taste

Asafoetida-small pinch

Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Cumin seeds-3/4 tsp

Method of preparation

  • Nicely wash rice and Moong Dal together in water and then soak them well in water for half an hour.
  • Take a pressure cooker heat in stove, to it add ghee or oil and fry the cumin seeds a little, then add onions to it and sauté well until it turns translucent.
  • Afterwards add chopped tomatoes, ginger and green chillies and sauté it well.
  • Now keep stirring continuously, since burning of ingredients should be avoided, then add turmeric powder and asafoetida to it and sauté it.
  • Cook until the tomatoes get tender.
  • You need to drain away the water from dal, also in rice.
  • Take pressure cooker and now add rice, dal, salt and water, then mix well it altogether.
  • Close the pressure cooker lid and keep in flame for 7 whistles.
  • After it gets cooked see the consistency of Khichdi, if it is very thicker, you need to add water to it and keep in low flame on stove.
  • Now your delicious Khichdi is ready to be served.
  • Have it immediately in hot level of food itself, to enjoy your Khichdi taste.
  • For enhance the taste of Khichdi you can add little ghee on top of it.
  • Serve as such Khichdi plainly or you can have along with curd.

Khichdi is really considered as a god food, which is served to god during Kali Pooja or Durga Pooja. So what our grandmother’s says are real factors only, they all realized the nutritious benefits of consuming this dish long back ago itself. So don’t ignore to eat Khichdi. Hope now you get a healthy choice of food at home.

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