If you are a health fanatic and gymnasium hitter. It’s no fun……

It’s a desideratum, the need of the hour.

Why hospitals must be the only answer left?

The world where in we live is-

Our body is designed in such a manner to be healthy and accept the daily challenges of life.

Otherwise we are going to get extinct like *dinosaurs*….as did long time back.

Our body is designed and fashioned in a manner that we have to Be the “FITTEST” aka [Darwin’s theory] else we will extinct

Today when we roll out eyes, we get to see people irrespective of age suffering from various ailments & Now within a span of few years it has taken a form of Epidemic: –



**Heart Ailments**





**Speech problems**

**Bones getting fragile**

Etc. are borne because of our bodies not adapting the current lifestyle.

We are running running and running with no full stops n comma’s!!

The *choloro fluro carbon* CFC’c that gets released by extensive use of Air Conditioners and Refrigeration….only develops a vicious circle.

Health Fanatics

God gave us things on

Free♥♥ Basis.

The early **Morning fresh Air**,

The early morning **Sunlight**, heals us.

THE calcium and D3 we get from Sun is unlimited with no sachets and syrups!

The ***meditations*** in morning or night, cures our stressful ways.

It makes us feel contended hence increases our positive productivity.

The drinking water from **earthen glasses** n using “Tamba” Copper helps release toxins from kidney and prevents Urinary Track Infection.

Drinking water only cures millions of diseases. and that’s for FREE.

Walking on the carpet of grass, watching greenery aids our **eyesight**…. what a natural cure.

Sitting and using remote for Television, A.C. or Xbox have only restricted our movements. That kills our daily motion and hence an increase in Cholesterol Levels.

Using *trains* *cars* rather walking….

Using *Lifts* rather climbing stairs

Using *washing machine* rather hands

Using *blender* rather Sil…

Have only devastated the situation…

Living in ***nuclear family*** increases more stress rather happiness.

The want of more and more are making our life pathetic and lecherous!!!!

***Night*** is meant to take a sound sleep, when the sun sets in and moon lights ……the night!! It’s God’s way alarming us that our body needs to stop functioning like machine and should stop behaving so…and be in bed.

Late sleeper & late riser benefits nothing but only bad hopeless health.

Hooked on to internet and #social media… some relationship is meant to be addressed only once or twice a month. Why every hour??? Every minute???

Technology is for the Man.

Man is not designed and invented for technologies.

If technologies are making our life more tiring, frustrating what’s the sense of using machine??

If technology isn’t making our life hassle free…doing more of harm and less of gain.

Its high time of thinking to discard technologies. DID you know THE WHO is including gaming disorder-playing obsessively as a MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER in it’s International Classification of disease (ICD)?

[Source: latest version publishing in 2018]

Researchers have come up again with the same old religious practice of sleeping with a window open as did our forefathers. Better ventilated rooms had lower levels of carbon dioxide and this was tied to better quality of sleep.

Lowering carbon dioxide levels in bedrooms meant better sleep depth, sleep efficiency and lesser number if awakening [ Source: the week]

The fast food eating genre has less of health and more of cholesterols.

There no concept of “Fast” in Food.

Instead follow a Keto Diet

A Keto Diet includes nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish, poultry products as eggs, high fat and low carb diet while avoiding sugary intakes and starchy foods such as rice, bread etc.

health fanatics

         Why so…when we eat food we should sit with relax mood pray and thank God, the age-old Vedic and Islamic culture taught us…

 Munch your food slowly, don’t gobble hastily. Gobbling of food is not advisable.

One should have spent more time at the dining table, relish it. Such a habit will help to keep a wide spectrum of disorders at bay.

Because while relaxing our body secretes enzyme that aids in digestion.

Eating raw foods help us absorb more of natural vitamin n minerals loaded in it. And one more important info…..

Taking a *nap* after eating your brain sends signal to motor nerves that its done n satisfied by the food and urges their body to sleep so that it can make most of the fuel for the body.

So, my dear Readers when you are getting everything for free why being health fanatic???

Return back to your roots

Follow the simple daily regimen

And then make most of the

***FREE worthful gifts by Nature. ***

Calm out

Reach to your kids, spouses, parents, your family & cousins for happiness lies there not in gymnasium sssss. …. & **”freaky Gadgets”**

Poor us.

God would be certainly smiling on us while he sees his people busy and being health fanatics for no reasons I am sure…

Ashi Kalim

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Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a homemaker, avid traveller and an explorer. She is a novelist, poetess and a content writer.She is a writer of HISTORICAL FICTION genre. Her recent Novel has come up titled "The Day Before...I Died " - MATRYOSHKA in East internationally Its a lesser know true love story of DICTATOR JOSEF STALIN'S DAUGHTER!! Her novel had been handpicked by KINDLE amongst foreign authors. Her poetry has already been published in 'Writing bee ' and 'Elysian literary Journal'. Her poems find it’s space too on an international level. She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She has given her powerful words to the cause of Refugees, Racism and Syrian kids in an international anthology titled " Poets from the Shore" published in U.K. Her education and romance with literature started when she was young and in a convent school. Further she completed her Masters in C.S. from prestigious Central varsity A.M.U. She was fostered by her mother who also is a poet and gave words to few Bollywood songs. At a very young age she took to Entrepreneurship and is a Restaurateur too. She has worked in DEFENSE ACADEMY as an educational trainer. For her learning is a life-long process. Her struggle in bringing her 3-year-old child made her more resilient and brave. She is an orator and an activist too. She speaks her mind through her pen and participates in various social causes. Her leisure time is spent with books, sketching, her kids and plants.

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