Martin Luther once said “We must accept finite disappointment BUT we must never loose infinite Hope”.

As I always say ” The biggest asset of any human life is its ability of keeping Hope and Faith alive”.


Faith can be in varied forms. It is the confidence that boosts our morale, and gives you positivity. Faith is also a feeling a divine force always within you, inside you.This crazy, chaotic world seldom gives us time to feel, listen, pray, meditate and pay attention- to accept what we get subtly. There has to be a synchronization between MIND- SOUL and the WORLD outside.

Difficult times show us our TRUE strength within, hard times reveal true friends and this light ultimately triumphs over the dark situation.



Go for Meditation be in any forms- prayers, yoga, walking, relaxing!

Focus on your fitness regime in the best possible way.


Check in with family and friends.  Be in company of supportive and positive people’s.


First thing what we tend to do is avoiding ourselves. Life is wonderful, being mindful of your body ensures your emotional wellness. A sense of Happiness triggers our immune system and releases serotonin in brain that is a mind soothing hormone.


For a while think about you, you and You. There is a certain force working behind, our Destiny has been written.Try to accept it. Prayers will keep you going. Make a habit of daily conversing with Almighty. You will slowly tend to be more resilient and patient. Keep anger aside.



There is a synchronization within the elements of human being.

The BODY, The MIND, The SPIRIT.All are interconnected. If there’s a disbalance amongst any one it leads to affect others.Your beliefs, your prayers all contribute to a POSITIVITE MIND-SET and thus we can cope with any sort of illness, stress or even death.


Keep a check on things that gives you true happiness, gives you inner peace, strength and love.The affect of spirituality is a research work nowadays.With more and more sedentary lifestyle peering into our lives.Our ancient culture always emphasized a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Our Health has 5 FACETS:






These are the key areas we need to put in our efforts.


1) Learn to work within

2) Emphasis on Breathing (stress free   living)

3) Practice Buddhist way of meditation

4) Connect yourself to you


Our whole body including our bones, tissues, vital organs carry us. Healthy body is said when it’s physically, emotionally, mentally are in harmony.


For this you need to work on:

1) Practice Strengthening:

Regular exercising lifts our mood, improves body image.

2) Eat fresh organic food:

Skip junk foods as much as you can as it carries toxins and harms the immune system and damages it. You can see with time your weight will be under control. Choose a new way of eating.

3) Get stress free sleep:

A good uninterrupted sleep of say seven hours is a must. By the end of day, turn off from your work, switch off your gadgets prior to sleeping. Before going to bed keep thanking God and write down any three positive things you did today. By doing so you will generate a new Hope to live….

4) Get a regular massage (Oil):

Try massaging your body with oil that leads to improving your circulation.

5) Try working less with gadgets (mobile, television, laptop) etc:

The Energy Channel’s should be OPEN up.

Create a New You and Beat Negativity with the help of Hope, Gratitude and Love!!

6) Commuting is sometimes good:

Use time during travel as a source of self- development. See what you love and generate an interest in it. Be it listening to audio books, reading, or even chanting which enables you to stay from negative energies around you.

7) Practice Breathing exercises:

Personally, since past 10 years, I have been practicing it and it had led to my development and keeps me calm during my anger-sessions. Breathe in for three seconds—Stop the Breath – Exhale or breath out for three seconds.

You will stay grounded in STRESS!!

8) Build positive relationship:

The way to build a harmonious relationship is to give compliments, say hello, S-M-I-L-E yes, you heard right. It’s the only curve that makes your life straight!!

By the End remember

This too shall Pass……….


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow is the only Mantra”.

Stay Fit……..

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Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a homemaker, avid traveller and an explorer. She is a novelist, poetess and a content writer.She is a writer of HISTORICAL FICTION genre. Her recent Novel has come up titled "The Day Before...I Died " - MATRYOSHKA in East internationally Its a lesser know true love story of DICTATOR JOSEF STALIN'S DAUGHTER!! Her novel had been handpicked by KINDLE amongst foreign authors. Her poetry has already been published in 'Writing bee ' and 'Elysian literary Journal'. Her poems find it’s space too on an international level. She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She has given her powerful words to the cause of Refugees, Racism and Syrian kids in an international anthology titled " Poets from the Shore" published in U.K. Her education and romance with literature started when she was young and in a convent school. Further she completed her Masters in C.S. from prestigious Central varsity A.M.U. She was fostered by her mother who also is a poet and gave words to few Bollywood songs. At a very young age she took to Entrepreneurship and is a Restaurateur too. She has worked in DEFENSE ACADEMY as an educational trainer. For her learning is a life-long process. Her struggle in bringing her 3-year-old child made her more resilient and brave. She is an orator and an activist too. She speaks her mind through her pen and participates in various social causes. Her leisure time is spent with books, sketching, her kids and plants.

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