Health industry is booming with multivitamins!

Writing blogs is so interesting!We get to learn more, and educate even more!

Getting loads of patients everyday gives me an idea about their awareness towards health!

Health industry is booming with multivitamins!


Well, lack of nutrition through food and extremely sedentary lifestyle and of course, not to forget the cost of fruits and vegetables in the market!

A multivitamin is cheaper than 1 kg apple.

If you have money constraints, what will you do? Buy a multivitamin which lasts for a month at the same cost or 1 kg apple which wont even last for a day?

Plus, the amount of chemicals, pesticides used in the fruit will put me in a delima, should i really have those apples?

Well, apple was just an example. This is the case with all fruits!

I dont know why, but  their is trend among Indian women for having extremely low iron and haemoglobin levels. Along with this, either vitamin D is low or any of the B vitamins.

As mentioned, i cant ask prescribe so many fruits and vegetables. The requirement of that nutrient in the body will still be higher.

Multivitamin comes like a hero with loads of nutrients packed into a single capsule.

Its extremely convienient also. Travel anywhere, stay anywhere take your dose of multivitamins with you!

Well, another query which comes up is. Which brand should i go for? Which is the best brand for me?

Well, i havent tied up with any of the companies in promoting their brand and i am not even interested. I am looking forward to a better health, marketting can happen later!

So let me give you a basic idea about what should a best multivitamin contain?

– Vitamin A :- not more than 5000 Iu ( which includes any % of beta carotene)

– Vitamin C:- 60-1000 mg

– Vitamin D :- 400 IU or more

– Vitamin E:- 20-100 IU

– Vitamin K:- 10 mcg or more

– Vitamin B1:- 1.2 mg or more

– Vitamin B2:- 1.7 mg or more

– Vitamin B3:- 14-35 mg

– Vitamin B6 :- 2-100 mg

– Vitamin B 12:- No more than 400 mcg

– Folic Acid :- 6 mcg or more

– Calcium:- dont rely on multivitamin

– Iron :- 

Premenopausal women:- 18 mg

Everyone else:- not more than 10 mg

– Magnesium :- 50-350 mg

– Zinc :- not more than 30 mg

– Copper:- 0.5-10 mg

– Selenium:- 20-110 mcg

– Chromium :- 35 mcg or more

– Potassium :- dont rely on multivitamin

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