Affording a healthy food is cheap and not expensive

Take some time and think is healthy food really expensive for you or not. There are a lot of stuff available in the market today and we get them from the market.  There are even a lot of stuff which we can make in our home. But we hardly take the chance to discover some great and healthy foods found in our home. So it is always recommended to be wise enough while choosing healthy and cost effective foods. Before you choose a diet it is important that you check on the calories and how much is it healthy for consumption. Sometimes we don’t think and just make a question to self that “is healthy food really more expensive”

Avoid Eating Unhealthy

There are many ways by which we can avoid eating costly and so called healthy foods. Just one need to take a chance on changing some eating habits. Let’s have a look to some of the best ways like

  • Try to avoid canned foods. These are pre packed foods which do contain low carb diet but at the same time contains chemicals to store them. Instead of that we can take some time and prepare a good, healthy and delicious meal to carry to our work place.
  • Rather than buying fruits and vegetables from big malls, one can easily buy fresh veggies and fruits from local markets.
  • Instead of eating a heavy diet in the morning, take small meals containing more of fruits and vegetables that are healthy and even less expensive.
  • Instead of taking foods from canteens, you can just add some boiled veggies or the night left curries over your bread and enjoy the delicious and healthy sandwich.

Adding some more to the above, you can also avoid junk foods and avoid purchasing soft drinks, sugar rich snacks or high-fat meals outside. We can also take some simple steps like avoiding drinking packed and canned juices. Rather can replace with fresh fruit and lemon juices prepared at home. These are healthy because they contain less sugar and no preservatives.

Health and Cheap Foods

Cheap foods do not mean that you avoid eating good foods. Even at a low price, one can afford the best of healthy diet every day. In order to achieve that, you can make a habit of cooking your own food. And try to avoid the food from outside as much as possible. If you are going to work, try to pack your own food from home. Specifically, if you are not able to cook anything, then replace it with lots of salad and brown bread sandwich. This is even affordable and healthy. Instead of consuming the pre packed salad from the market, one can easily make the home made a salad with adding lots of veggies. Try to avoid sugar based drinks from outside which contains a lot of carbon dioxide and take a good amount of juice packed in a bottle from your home. This might not cost higher. But just a small time to make it.


Being a human we always prefer to say that health is wealth. So it is important at the same time to take care of such precious wealth with good and healthy food that even is cost effective.

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