Healthy Home remedy Method in Treating Gout Naturally

The uric acid get’s crystallized and get deposited on the joints of our body, this condition is termed as gout disease. Thus causing redness, painful and softness of joints, also there will be swelling of joints found, causing huge pain in it. The reasons for gout are diet, few medications and drinking alcohol. This uric acid also get’s deposited on the kidney regions. When very severe gout attack comes, then you need to use powerful anti-inflammatory property having pain killers, in order to suppress the pain immediately. How diabetes is a metabolic disorder, same like that gout is also a metabolic disorder. Once a person gets gout, the joints of toe region is severely affected, this is very commonly found now a days due to improper diet pattern mainly. In severe case of gout attack immediate seek of doctor’s help is must. Otherwise your tissues, tendons and joints would be damaged.


In our blood when these uric acid level gone excess it starts to become crystallization and get deposited on the joints, kidneys and other regions, that would be very painful when not taken proper treatment measures.With proper diet pattern one can treat gout easily without any ill effects. So in this session we are going to see healthy home remedy method which is used in treating this naturally and effectively.

The recipe you can try at home in treating gout at home they are given below;


Celery stalks-2 no//

Lemon-1/2 no//

One inch long young ginger

Cucumber-1 no// (medium in size)

Method of Preparing Beverage

For doing this healthy beverage, first of all you need to clean well all the above listed ingredients in water, then slice the cucumber and celery to be chopped and ginger to be peeled well and washed. Take a blender add all ingredients one by one and grind it well, then strain the pulp and have only the juice portion. Then your amazing beverage is ready to fight against gout naturally.

You can drink this beverage at least twice in a day and until you get benefit and changes in body please drink it regularly, don’t skip without drinking this awesome beverage. In some persons while trying this beverage, for them it would be paining a little, but you don’t worry for it, it is a healthy pain and that’s meant that our body is getting ready to defend it. Also it is getting well in simple and the deadly uric acid toxins are getting washed away from our body.


How cucumber has this amazing healing power, since it has very low in purine content and loaded with lots of water. So if you opting for gout free diet choose definitely cucumber in diet, it has just 7.3 mg of purine in 100 gram of cucumber, very lower content of purine. This cucumber does wonders by even reducing the raised body temperature, the higher water content present in cucumber makes the uric acid toxins to flush out of body. It has higher alkaline property, so becomes a perfect choice of food in gout treatment.

Next comes celery, Celery from very olden days used in gout treatment, it reduces the inflammation and becomes good ailment in gout attacks. Celery is consumed with its stalks and seed portion. It has the power to lower the pressure on blood and such a powerful food used in treating gout. It too has good amount of water, thereby helping to flush uric acid crystal away.

Ginger has higher anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it better food choice for treating gout. The symptoms of gout are lowered by including ginger in diet. For those who suffering from osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis, the active ginger compound called gingerol helps in reducing the pain, swollen of joints are prevented and thus protecting your joints, tissues and tendons from gout attack.

Lemon becomes simple and effective natural cure of gout. The symptoms of this is reduced on proper intake of lemon in diet, it has strong healing power. For all these nature cure ways you need to follow strictly low purine diet, with plenty of fluid consumption in your diet. Thus a beverage combined with all this ingredients which has gout preventing action and when you start following in your diet regularly, definitely you can see wonderful benefits of getting treated from gout attacks. Food is real medicine, when your food is wrong, then only you need to opt for medicine. Let’s correct our meal pattern and follow it accordingly, thereby staying away from gout.


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