‘A Hello’ or ‘A Goodbye’ to your ‘treasured alimirah’?

Struggling to fit into your old jeans and don’t have time to work out? Folks it’s time to say ‘Hello’ to your old clothes again, without losing any of your sweat.

Here are some easy to follow tips which will give you those flying wings again.

Water, is the best cure:-

Yes, you heard it right. The easiest way to lose those calories is you just have to drink plenty of water. But with this plenty amount of water, the most amount important thing that has to be taken care of is the timings at which one needs to drink it. Drink water soon after waking up, this will not only keep you fit but will also give you a glowing skin. Drinking water half hour before having your meals also is the best time to drink water but remember not to drink water between your meals. Even drinking water half an hour before sleeping keeps your body mechanics fit.

Lemon is the fat cutter:-

Lemon can actually help you lose those extra calories which you take in. This little thing is very effective to give you those desired curves in your body. You can take it with water or there are some lemon flavored green tea also available in the market. This will help you in having a proper digestive system and helps you feel light the whole day.

Replace one meal with fruits and salads:-

Substitute your one time chapattis and pulses with fruits and salad. This small trick and weight management tips can do wonders in losing weight. But one thing that should be taken care of is what fruits we eat. Mangoes, Grapes and other fruits containing sugar should be avoided otherwise instead of losing you will keep on adding more calories to yourself in the hope of fitting in your favorite garments.

Do not eat less:-

It may sound odd to you but it’s true. Don’t cut down the quantity of food intake and also do not keep gaps between you meals. Don’t even dare to skip any meal. It will only make you fatter. One thing that has to be taken care of is not to eat much at one go. Eat an appropriate amount at regular intervals.

Eat your food slowly:-

Properly chewing your food can also help you remove lose the extra kilos. This seems a useless way but it is effective. eating food slowly makes us feel full more quickly. Yes, that’s true.  So, give it a try.

Be a curd lover:-

It’s a good news for all the curd lovers. You can lose weight more quickly than people who do not love curd. You just have to grab some extra spoons of curd and it can help you shed those additional calories. For all those who dislike yogurts, only thing you can do is start loving them.

Replace white salt with rock salt:-

Rock salt is very effective in aiding weight loss. The taste will seem a little different in the beginning but with time you can easily acquire that taste. Rock salt has may benefits as compared to the white salt that we eat. Along with the weight loss it will also help in how to control blood pressure unlike the other salt.

These ways are very simple, no one but you should have the passion and the determination in you for that ‘shape of you’, because nothing is possible without that.


Sakshi Jain

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