BMI can tell you either you are underweight or obese. If you want to measure the obesity and underweight in a population then BMI is the best measure. When BMI combined with other measurements helped to get complete health of a person. Healthy weight can be said if your BMI is between eighteen and a half to twenty four point nine. A recent research study found that very high and very low levels of body mass index can result in death of a person due to the development of several diseased conditions. When your BMI is between twenty one to twenty five kilogram/m2 that is said to be safeguard you from dying from cancer and cardiac diseases. The research study focused on how low and high levels of body mass index can end up in death. In this study 3.6 million people participated and in that three lakh sixty seven thousand five hundred and twelve persons were found dead. Finally it is found in the research that low and high levels of BMI increases the risk for death. Generally it is found in the study that BMI is used as an indicator to measure the level of mortality overall. So if you’re either underweight or obesity that can affect your several aspects of health.

When obesity is said then you’re BMI will be between 30 or more in that case it can reduce your lifespan up to 4.2 years in men and 3.5 years in women. When you’re excess in body weight that could result in death because of cardiac issues, cancer issues, respiratory issues, liver diseases and diabetes. Do you know low body weight can be a higher risk factor of death due to the occurrence of dementia, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide and respiratory diseases? Also it is strongly found that low levels of BMI can be an indicator of poor health on you. This research study is published in journal of Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology.

The research people got data from UK Clinical Practice Research Data link that includes the data on BMI got from general medicine practitioners, the medical record in this study covers 9% of the UK population. The risk of death was found and calculated the Body mass index also other factors like sex, age, alcohol, smoking and socioeconomic status and these factors are also taken into consideration while tracing of the BMI of a person and getting a detailed report of them. This data helped to find the possible diseased condition for the reason of death. That was mentioned on the death certificate of a person. Death caused due to accidents caused on transport is not calculated as death due to BMI. High level of BMI that caused to increase in body weight that seems to be the prime cause of death which affects in all categories except neurological and mental health related issues. While low BMI associated with death of every category except the cirrhosis of liver.

The study found that when there is enhance of Body mass index level more than 25kg/m2 that increased the risk of death to 29%. When you’re BMI is twenty one kilogram per metre square then that would reduce the cancer risk of death, when your BMI is 25 kilogram per metre square that reduced the onset of cardiovascular disease and death because of it. The author of this research study is Krishnan bhaskaran; he found the several associations between the Body mass index and major causes of death. He concludes the study that when we start to maintain our weight and keep our BMI in a safe zone level that is twenty one to twenty five kg/m2 then you can lower the risk of onset of several diseased conditions and thus you can safeguard your life from dying due to this disease onset.

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