Sipping Hot Tea by Smokers & Drinkers Increase the Chance of Oesophageal Cancer

Many of us love to have hot tea immediately after getting up in the morning, drinking hot tea immediately after switching off flame is something really a difficult task, even some people are there, they don’t prefer hot cups of tea, only tea in moderate hotness they could enjoy, by dri

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Learn the Beneficial Properties of Medicinal Mushrooms against Cancer

Mushrooms are really health packed foods which provide much beneficial usage on human diet; it has the power to boost up your immunity system. Thus enhance the immunity power in an individual. It can give you higher levels of vitamin-D to your body, it aids in natural Read more



Cancer is a deadly disease, where abnormal growth of cancerous cells develops rapidly, which may lead to a destruction of the body tissue. For a healthy cancer prevalence or treatment, diet plays a major role. There should be plenty of fruit and vegetables to be included in the diet. The

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Cancerous cell multiplies fastly and invade and they turn into tumors, these abnormal cells grow in an uncontrollable level. Malignant tumors have the ability to spread from one area to another area. Cancer can be formed in any type of cells in the body. Research indicates that there are

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Metastatic breast cancer: Fight with these amazing methods

Metastatic breast cancer is a serious problem that is spreading in women in general. Metastatic breast cancer is also known as Breast Cancer of Stage 4, which is considered to be very d

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अब कैंसर जैसे जटिल बीमारी का इलाज भी आयुर्वेद में पाएं

क्या है कैंसर (Cancer)

कैंसर (Cancer) का अर्थ है शरीर के किसी  भाग में नुक्सान दा

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Excess weight stimulates cancer proven

 What is cancer? From where does this start?Our body is made up cells that cover and take care of each and every hormonal production, reduction and corrective changes that are required. Still there are certain things that stimulate various kinds of diseases that are never welcomed
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अगर आपको है ये आम लक्षण तो हो सकता है आपको कैंसर (Cancer), पढ़ के हिल जाएंगे

आज हम फिर आए है एक नये लेख के साथ – जिसमे हम बताएंगे की कैंसर यानी कर्क रोग (Cancer) के बारे में. कैसे होता है कैंसर. कै
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Ancient Wisdom – Herbs that Prevent and Cure Cancer

Cancer is the new plague. It’s sweeping the world in unforeseen numbers, and sadly, our medical communities have still not decoded the reason or solution for cancer. 1 out of 5 people today suffer from tumors & cancerous cells across the world. And the interesting fact is - THIS epidemic did NOT EXIST in our hist
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Supplements for Fighting Cancer!

  • Active ingredient found in turmeric (Curcuma longa)
  • Inhibits proliferation of tumour cells
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Other Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

Here are some other side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy:-


In layman terms, thrombocytopenia means low platelet count. This is quite common

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Radiation Therapy and Common Side Effect- Anemia!


  • When it comes to cancer, a patient will do anything and everything when it comes to cure it!
  • Radiotherapy is one such therapy which is widely used in Read more
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Know More About Cancer!

Heart skips a beat. When the word CANCER hit the ears. There is nothing deadlier than a person suffering from cancer. Cancer has been on its peak in recent decade causing maximum deaths. Every year, something new comes up about cancer. It seems like there is no end to this fatal thing. B

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Eyogguroo- Home remedies for cancer

Cancer is one such disease which comes with a characteristic of dividing your cells continuously and making the patient sick gradually. At an initial level they localize on a point called tumor and later on they get distributed to the rest parts of the body and it is quite difficult to control over it without proper medication. It spreads to the other part of your body through lymphatic system and blood. If not given proper treatment the person suffering from cancer may meet with death. Eyogguroo has come up with great home remedies for cancer and if you could detect it at an initial stage it could be cured.

Throwing some light on home remedies for cancer:

Cancer can be caused by several reasons like internal or external stimuli. There are end numbers of home remedies for cancer. There are some selected fruits and vegetables consuming which can reduce the effect of cancer in your body. People going through radiation therapy or chemotherapy must strictly follow some home remedies for cancer. Home remedies have always come up with great benefits in the long run and they never have any side effect of the same.

Some great home remedies for cancer suggested by Eyogguroo:

Broccoli– Broccoli is one such kind of vegetable which can be taken to treat colorectal cancers. It is suggested to take it in the form of sprouts. The broccoli has some phytochemicals in it and it comes up with an ability to fight the cancer cells. As per the researches the exact compound in it has not been found out. It also helps detoxifying your body.

Grapes– The grapes has one such compound known as proanthocyanidins which helps reducing the estrogen production in your body. It comes out to be an effective treatment for lungs, breast cancer and colon.

Ginsen-Intake of Ginsen will help you in maintaining the resistance of your body. It helps fighting the infections against the damage caused to your body.

Myrrh herb-This herb comes up with lots of goodness in it like inflammatory, anti- bacterial and anti – fungal qualities. It comes up to be a good home remedy for all kinds of cancer.

Green Tea-You should make a green tea by boiling it to almost half a cup and keep taking it one a day. It will help reducing the risk of cancer. It also comes up with an anti- inflammatory property. It comes up to be quite effective against liver, breast, prostate and skin cancer.

How effective is the home remedies for cancer as compared to the other forms of medicine?

All these fruits, vegetables and herbs come up with zero side effects in it. It is something which if consumed daily will help keeping your body fit and you will gradually be free from cancer. But you should follow all the home remedies strictly for a great result. Contribution of Eyogguroo has really been great towards all of us. Adopt them in your life and get great results.

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