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Check for the following symptoms:

  • Omission of letters, words or word endings.
  • Addition of sounds, or words/letters.
  • Substitution of words/letters.
  • Mispronouncing words/letters.
  • Reversing whole word/letters.
  • Transposing or
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fear of loss


Fear of loss is the thought of losing what we own, and our beloved persons is present in our daily life. Usually, we hope that bad luck, failure and disappointment will never happen to us. Sometimes, we listen to other people’s problems trying to console them, thinking which words woul

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Encephalomalacia is nothing but the brain damage, which is very severe in condition. This condition can occur at all aged people. Severe accident and any infection affecting brain are the primary cause for the occurrence of encephalomalacia. The easy term for encephalomalacia is cerebral

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Mental illness can lead to suicide if left untreated.  The important signs of a person planning suicide are :
  1. Looking for means to kill oneself
  2. Expressions of being in unbearable pain
  3. Thinking oneself of being a burden on others
  4. Showing anger and waitin
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Today I bought something different, but definitely useful information. You may not believe that there is such a syndrome. Yes it’s nothing but Asperger’s syndrome.  These kids use language on a several forms to communicate, but have good language skills. They have lack of interest.

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Body image refers to positive or negative attitude towards self.  Due to the increasing effect of globalization, there has been an increasing focus on the way we look and the media reinforces our beliefs about our body image.  The social importance given to our body image , has made a

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How to overcome the villain of depression by simply practicing these simple remedies?

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, affecting millions of people across the globe regardless of age, culture, and ethnicity. Around 50% of the cases hardly undergo diagnosis, therefore not treated and results into the feeling of hopelessness, loss of appetite, irrita
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mental health


A good mental health is crucial for a successful life and is also important for preventing physical ailments. A good mental health refers to psychological well being along with a self actualized personality.

Here are awe

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ये हैं डिप्रेशन (Depression) को दूर करने के 6 आसान और देसी नुस्खे

डिप्रेशन एक ऐसा रोग है जो कभी भी और किसी भी बात पर किसी व्यक्ति को हो सकता है। ये एक ऐसा रोग है जिसमें व्यक्ति शा

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Adrenal Fatigue :- Is this the reason that you can not able to loose weight?

I am sure not many of you might know about what is adrenal fatigue but it is something very common! This article will give you a glimpse about what is it and how to get rid of it!

Have you ever felt lightheaded when you lie down after standing for too

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Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety

Anxiety is not a foreign word to us. Everyone of us has felt this particular emotion one time or another. It is absolutely normal to feel anxious under pressure, when you faced with a problem at work, or in your life. It is the temporary fear, nervousness, and worry, which usually disapp

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Deal with insomnia with these natural remedies!

To get rid of the problem, it is important to know about the problem. So when we talk about insomnia, let us first understand that what insomnia.

Insomnia is a disorder which makes it very difficult for a person to fall asleep or difficult to stay asleep or both. So in insomnia, your bo

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Exercise for anxiety and its benefits in maintaining overall health

Anxiety is cannot be given as a single term. Lot many things are being covered in this single term. So, what does ANXIETY include?
  • Excessive stress past 6 months
  • Habit of getting worried very often in past 6 months
  • Difficult to control worry

What are the possible symp

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We all know sugar has sweetness, that every one of us loves, but it has ill effects too. Many have doubt whether we can include sugar in our daily diet. Whether it’s healthy option or not. If this sugar can be taken, then how much amount of sugar can be included in our diet? There is a

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What is Self-Harm and Why People Do It?

Recently a game named – “Blue Whale” is the matter of discussion. In this game, the player has to perform a number of tasks and in the last has to commit suicide. All the tasks are related to self-harm. So, the question is what is self-harm and why people do it?

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Are You Suffering From Sleep Disorders?

Sleep is a vital part of our lives. We need sleep to refresh and make ourselves fit and charged to face a brand-new day. Sleep is essential to healing our body. Our body repairs itself during the sleep. We wake up feeling re-energized. But the hectic schedule of the people in the modern

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Depression: All That You Should Know

Depression is a serious mental health problem. The ignorance of such a harmful health problem can prove to be dangerous for the patients. Every now and then we all feel sad and low. There are times when we just do not feel like getting up, and doing work. But when all such feelings stay

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How Birth Control can Protect You from Depression

For women, it really becomes tuff to handle life when they get children. With the growing age indeed it marks a great difference to manage lifestyle when you are still into menstruation. These hormonal changes in the body impact the mind to Read more


Unbelievable – These Natural remedies can kills depression very fast

She was going through the stage of Depression. Her Life had taken a frustrating turn. The things that used to excite her at first lost their place in her life. She had made the darkness her

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Top 7 Health Tips to improve your Mental Health

What is mental health? Maybe many of you have bothered about this question. Mental health is the process of thinking, understanding and feeling anything else. Most people don’t have any mental peace in today's complex atmosphere. There are many reasons that affects  Mental Health. Lack of healthy eating habits, not
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Proven Home Remedies for Stress and Depression

Depression is one such problem which is like a worn out and unwanted companion. It keeps eating you from within and makes your mind quite disturbed. You tend to forget things quite easily and you remain disturbed all the time. With Eyogguroo-home remedies for depression and stress you will manage to get a complete solution for all your problems related to depression. Depression and stress comes along with so many problems with it. It had lots of side effects like sleepless nights, stressed mind and wrong eating habits. No doubt it takes time but it comes up with assured result. The method of Depression treatment takes time but these given steps will surely help you to cure the problem of Depression. The patient suffering from depression needs lots of love, care, time, and attention of their near ones. Along with these steps the person should never be left alone and always be surrounded with positive environment. No doubt it takes time but it comes up with assured result.

Listed Below are Some Proven Home Remedies for Stress and Depression:

  • Good Food Habit- Including great things in your diet can be good home remedies for depression treatment. At times great foods that you can get at home are also good for your health. A good food habit does a lot to take off stress and depression from your mind. It has the capability to keep a person happy.
  • Reduce the Intake of Coffee- When we talk about something that would help in reducing stress and depressing we must first of all cut off coffee from our daily routine. No doubt too boosts up your mind but at the same rate it crashed you down too. You should not be much dependent over coffee to cut down your stress.
  • Green Tea- According to many people the taste of green tea is quite terrible but it comes up with great health benefits. It serves to be the best for depression and stress. This should be your first thing in the morning. Including it twice in your daily routine will help you great benefits.
  • Meditation- Meditation has been practiced since ancient days to keep our health safe and sound. Though it may sound little boring but it comes up with great health benefits for getting rid of stress and depression.

Why Eyogguroo for Depression Treatment?

Getting home remedies for depression and stress from Eyogguroo could be one of your best decisions. We have great tips and tricks which helps you to get rid of depression and stress. All our home remedies are much economical and easily available at home. We never include any form of medication in our website called Eyogguroo. It is completely based on exercises and home remedies. We come up with the best and one stop solution for home remedies for depression and stress. Following the remedies suggested by us will definitely help making your like much easier, stress-free and happier.

How different is Eyogguroo Home Remedies for Stress and Depression From Other Websites?

Home remedies for depression and stress hardly takes much time when you look forward to practice it. They are much effective and has no side effects of it. Practicing this regularly with help to get assured results and you will gradually get rid of depression and stress. Keep a bay from things which takes you into depression and stress and always try remaining happy.

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