Home Remedies for Paralysis Treatment


कितना ख़तरनाक होता है स्लीप पैरालिसिस (Sleep Paralysis)– जान के दंग रह जाएंगे (कैसे बचे)

आज हम आपको बताने जा रहे है – क्या होता है स्लीप पैरालिसिस (Sleep Paralysis) स्लीप पैरालिसिस एक ऐसी भयानक स्तिथि होती है जब आप सोते हु
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Home Remedies for Paralysis

Instant Home Remedies for Paralysis

Paralysis is a very serious wellness and health issue which requires prompt therapy or else it may tend to increase with time and give you many side effect. Gradually it concurs your body and it sp

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    Home Remedies for Paralysis

    Paralysis is one of the most disturbing and dangerous disorders one can suffer from. It is a defunct which damages the motor system of a body resulting in losing the function of one or more muscles. As bad as it sounds, it can really take a toll on the senses as well as the confidence of a person. Many doctors and physicians have suggested numerous medicines and home remedies for paralysis to help people with this issue. You can gather as much knowledge as possible and consult with experts if you are dealing with this problem.

    Sometimes it becomes hard to realize that the paralysis has started in the body. to help people, here are some symptoms which can mean paralysis.

    • Changes in circulation, respiration, muscles, joints, and bones
    • Muscle spasms & Pressure Sores
    • Feelings of numbness or pain
    • Skin injury & Bacterial infection
    • Loss of control of urination
    • Sexual difficulties
    • Abnormal sweating, breathing or heart rate
    • Balance problems
    • Difficulty speaking or swallowing
    • Vision problems

    All these symptoms can mean you are suffering from paralysis and need expert assistance right away. Paralysis can be cured by medications as well as herbal remedies. You can find multiple home remedies for paralysis which can prove to be very effective for you. There are many different corporations helping the people learn more and more about this problems and assisting them in the cure.

    • Yoga and Acupressure are some of the best Home Remedies for Paralysis. Various exercises such as Kapalbhati, Ujjai Pranayama, and AnulomVilom are proved to be very effective in paralysis. Not just yoga and exercises, but eating healthy food can also help with paralysis. Applying mustard oil or ghee to the affected area can do wonders for the muscles and heal it slowly. Intake of ginger, garlic, and black peppers can also prove to be effective to deal with the issue.
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