Are you dreadfully suffering from menstrual cramps during your periods, don’t worry here comes easy and effective solutions for your menstrual cramps. These natural methods can be practiced at home easily. When you get periods, leg and thigh cramps also will be found along with severe stomach pain. Most women take painkillers to stop the pain. But this is not healthy choice for women’s health, it’s better to follow a natural home remedy method in order to avoid side effects of the drug in the future. For the women first 3-4 days during period time will be the most exhausting by both physical and emotional means. For the women with this period discomfort she obviously feels to lie down, relax and have quicker relieved from pain. Given below are the effective home remedies for menstrual cramps.

Ginger Tea


Ginger has best healing power during menstrual cramps. Easy way to intake ginger is by preparing ginger tea and has it during your periods. Take a thick bottomed vessel, to it add two cups of water and add half tablespoon of grated ginger to it. Now allow it to boil for 10 minutes, slow the flame. Strain the tea, let it cool and now add half a teaspoon of honey to it and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Your spicy ginger tea is ready; you can have it and get refreshed and get rid of menstrual cramps.

Carrom Seeds


If you want immediate relief from menstrual cramps then roast the carom seeds and have along with one glass of warm milk or you can simply have the roasted carom seeds with a glass of warm water. If not get carom oil and apply on your abdomen, your pain will be vanished and you will be free from menstrual cramps.

Green Tea


Green tea prepared freshly when taken along with honey helps in eliminating menstrual cramps and also you can choose jasmine flavored green tea during your periods, since it will help in calm down your mind and body naturally.

Carrot Juice


Carrot juice intake during periods is highly advised and it helps in treating menstrual cramps effectively. Raw carrot intake is also good. Carrots are rich source of vitamin-A, iron and beta carotene. On intake of carrot during your periods it helps in regularizing the blood flow and makes the menstrual cramps lesser.

Aloe Vera Juice


Drink Aloe Vera juice during your periods, this Aloe Vera gives a cooling effect and reduces your stomach pain and also treats the menstrual cramps effectively. For best results, try Aloe Vera juice along with little honey.



Milk is an excellent source of calcium; this calcium plays a major role in reducing menstrual cramps and thereby helping out in overcoming your monthly periods pain. Drink a glass of warm milk along with your breakfast or before going to bed. It reduces the abdominal pain and act as a natural cure for menstrual cramps.

Lavender Oil


Lavender oil to be taken and applied on the abdominal and lower back region, now gently massage with this oil. Your pain will get relieved in just 15 minutes. Try it out and stay benefited.



Heating pad can be kept for few minutes on your lower abdomen and then placing the heat pad on lower back. This has good pain relief.

Hot Shower


It is advised to take hot shower during your periods, so that menstrual cramps will be reduced. Hot shower should be taken well; especially your abdomen region and lower back region should be well exposed to hot shower, to get pain relief.

Cramp Bark


Prepare a tea out of this cramp bark, to get relief from menstrual discomforts. Take one cup of water in a thick bottomed vessel, to it add 2 teaspoon of cramp bark and allow it to boil well, sim the flame and let it remain on stove for 15 minutes, then remove from fire and your cramp bark tea is ready to drink. Have it thrice a day to get good benefit.

Fish Oil and Vitamin-B1


The easy way to get rid of your menstrual cramps is by taking fish oil supplements along with vitamin B-1, so that your pain will be reduced and free from cramps.



Acupuncture when done during periods, helps in relaxing your nervous system, thus relieve from menstrual cramps. Acupuncture increases the blood circulation to the internal organs and also it has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus acupuncture helped to reduce the pain.



Exercise helps to increase the endorphin secretion, doing work outs help in boosting the endorphin’s and thereby it help out in reducing the menstrual cramps. You can find yoga poses for beginners online.



You can either choose diet enriched with magnesium or take magnesium supplements to get relieve from menstrual cramps, magnesium helps in muscle functioning and also regulates the nerves properly, it is been a wonderful remedy in treating menstrual cramps effectively, the only thing is doses will vary from person to person, since the severity of cramps will decide the required dosage of magnesium. But it’s a wonderful remedy that can be practiced at home.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you really like reading out my articles kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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