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The scientific name of curry leaves is Murraya Koenigii Spreng. In Ayurveda curry leaves is considered as an medicinal plant that possess anti-diabetic properties, curry leaves are dense source of beta-carotene, also it contains high levels o

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Insulin is secreted by the pancreas; this insulin hormone is naturally secreted on our body which is required for maintaining blood glucose level in our body. Diabetic persons are prescribed with insulin due to the insufficiency of their body to produce this insulin or lack of produce of

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diabetes in children


My little world !exclaims every mother when they hold their bundle of joy in their arms!   Isn’t it the most beautiful feeling ever?   Read more
Diabetes symptoms


Choosing the right foods is an essential role in treating diabetes, your meal should be proper with healthy choices of food items in it, along with that one should always remember to do some means of any physical activity, thereby helping out to maintain your Read more



Diabetes is also known as Madhumeha. Madhumeha in very laymann terms means that sugar in the blood. Being a diabetes expert, the first question which I always ask my patients when they come to me is, "Do you know what diabetes is? " "Aapko
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डायबिटीज में क्या करें क्या न करें, जानें ये 10 टिप्‍स

अगर आप सबसे गंभीर और जानलेवा रोगों की बात करेंगे तो आपको डायबिटीज कैंसर के बाद दूसरे नंबर पर मिलेगा। वैसे तो ड

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How does drinking wine help to lower the risk of diabetes?

Thinking of having a wine with dinner tonight? It’s one of the guilty pleasures, of having wine with dinner daily. Now, what if someone said that, this habit is beneficial to your health? Yes, that’s right! It has been proved that drinking wine helps people with Type 2 diabetes.

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Now diabetics can have tasty food too!

Dealing with diabetes patients everyday makes me understand about how frustrated they are when it comes to eating food.

It is said, food give

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Type 2 Diabetes: Opt Some Good’ Habits to Give Up

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the common types seen in the patients. But first, let’s see what this thing is! Our body has a hormone named Insulin which regulates Sugar in our body and in the Type 2 diabetes, the body produces more than enough sugar level which isn’t suitable for any pha

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Small steps to manage your blood sugar level

Limited blood sugar helps a person to live a healthy life and a tension free life. Everybody wants to live a healthy life and tension free life.

Blood sugar is also called Read more


Diet plays a very important role in any disease, so in diabetes!

Diabetes mellitus (Commonly called as diabetes) is a metabolic disorder in which the production of insulin is hampered. Insulin is a hormone which is produced by pancreas which metabolites sugar and starch. Someone who has Diabetes lives their life in extreme restrictions when it comes to food. They keep getting advi
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जानिए कैसे होता है डायबिटीज(Diabetes) – इससे पहले हो जाए देर (मधुमेह का बचाव)

आज हम जानेंगे मधुमेह (Diabetes) के बारे में. क्या होता है मधुमेह, कैसे इससे बच सकते है. क्या लक्षण होते है मधुमेह के
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Sugar and dibetic

Practice Yoga to Keep Diabetes at Bay

If you are fed up with the medication and insulins, then it is the right to add yoga to your routine to control the level of sugar and diabetes. Yes, you read it right. There are several yoga postures available to control your sugar. We have listed some useful yoga poses so that you can

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New or old patients of Diabetic should not be consume sugar made items. Diabetic person should walk or move slowly. All you need to know about walking and how morning walk helpful for diabetic person.

Some Remedies

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    How to Control Diabetes Naturally?

    Is your mind continuously humming the same line “how to control Diabetes Naturally. Well, no need to worry about this as Eyogguroo is a complete solution to your problem. Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has a high level of blood glucose, either by less amount of insulin production or because body cells respond to insulin inappropriately. A humongous amount of population of the world is suffering from this disease. It actually results in a wrong lifestyle. Even children are diagnosed with this disease at their early age. Diabetes starts deteriorating the other organs of the body. Its adverse effect hampers the eyesight, liver, kidney and other parts as well. Having this disease for a prolonged period will make your body weak. Eyogguroo has a solution for your problem. Its solution includes the usage of natural ingredients along with yoga techniques which will cure your disease without any side effects. With the helpful tips of Eyogguroo you can kick off diabetes from your life and get back to your healthy life again. Educate yourself on the real cause of Diabetes and start its treatment now. Let’ see the home remedies tips for Diabetes below.

    Diabetes symptoms

    In some cases, the symptoms of diabetes are not visible to a few people that leave them unaware of the condition. Such a thing occurs with Type 2 diabetes. The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes grow up slowly. Type 1 diabetes symptoms are visible and can be diagnosed easily.

    Below are the few symptoms of Diabetes:
    1. Frequent urination- When the amount of glucose in your blood increases then it leads to making you urinate more often. So check if you are rushing to washroom frequently and more in comparison to other days? If you think you are frequently urinating, then its time you should visit a doctor.
    2. Excessive thirst- Have you noticed that you have been drinking water more lately? This may be so because of the vigorous urinating will demand you to drink more water for compensating the loss of water in your body.
    3. Extreme hunger- Since the insulin in your body is not responding properly or is lacking and your cells are in need of energy. This may lead you to feel hungry most of the time.
    4. Weight gain- Due to an intense increase in hunger you will end up eating more than you need to and this ultimately will become the reason for your weight gain.

    Eyogguroo- Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes

    There is an end number of people in the world who are struggling between too much sugar level and too little sugar level. Those who have this problem has to deal with lots of health problems each day. It is one such problem which if ignored and untreated may lead to damage of blood vessels, blindness, kidney damage, limb amputation, heart disease, and many more such problems. Eyogguroo- home remedies tips of diabetes has come up with many great tips and tricks for the same. What we believe in Eyogguroo is that to provide best of the solutions to our followers and readers to get rid of their health problems.

    Listed Below are Some Home Remedies and Diabetic Diet Plan for Diabetes:

    • Natural Foods- By saying the natural food we mean fruits, juices, nuts, and sprouts. It comes up to be the best medicines for diabetes. They have great enzymes present in it. It is not diluted with chemicals in any way. Try taking as much as raw food this would help you balance the sugar level in your body. You should also prefer having apples, carrots, and beets. Consuming them would help you lower your extra sugar level.
    • Whole Sum Food- You should try taking a dies with a combination of fruits and vegetables. This would certainly help you get rid of diabetes with regular intake of whole sum foods. Also, include anti-oxidants in your diet. It helps your artery walls from being damaged.
    • Proper exercise- Exercise is one such this which has the power to control your diabetes without any non-medical means. It completely reduces the risk of complications. Exercising helps you to increase the sensitivity of the insulin in your body and helps you to manage the root cause of the same. You should make sure that you do at least 1-2 exercise every day. This happens to be one of the best home remedy tips for diabetes.

    Home Remedies Tips For Diabetes and Its Benefits

    Following home remedies tips for diabetes can help to get rid of your problems quite easily. Intake of medicines may come up with some side effects. Though the result is quite gradual but it comes up with assured results and there is no side effect of the same. These tips are not that tough to be followed, practicing all these with proper care will help you get rid of it easily. It benefits our body in multiple ways.  

    Why Eyogguroo for Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes?

    We come up with great tips which are quite easy to understand and follow. We are one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to knowing about home remedies tips for diabetes. We help you get the best solution in terms of home remedies for diabetes. All our remedies are trusted and proven. Eyogguroo has properly managed the whole problems related to diabetes be it “how to control diabetes naturally”, Diabetes symptoms, Diabetic diet plan and diet plan for diabetic patient everything on a single platform.

    Those who are looking for home remedies tips for diabetes have landed up at the right place. You will get step by step solution for all your problems right here. Read our tips and bring out the best for your health.

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