The other term for hand tremors are shaking hand. Hand shaking happens when there is deficiency of certain nutrients in body, stress and weakness. There is several ways that can be used to treat these hand tremors naturally at home. If you are going to face any neurological diseases, then this hand tremor can be an early sign and symptoms, this condition doesn’t cause death, but you should know that stress and anxiety can even cause these hand tremors, thereby you have to keep yourself relaxed and calm. Now a day because of certain responsibilities and stress at work adults get easily affected with this, thus causing shaking hands. When your cerebellum starts to function improperly that causes this condition, our cerebellum is responsible for the volunteer movement and limbs control in our body. Thus dysfunction of cerebellum is the primary cause of hand shaking.

Now let us see the home remedies available to treat hand tremors naturally

  • Kava kava

Kava kava

Kava kava has the power to induce sleep and lowering the stress, kava kava tea can be made at home, this tea can be drinking and this has the amazing power to treat these hand tremors, thus very simple and effective remedies to treat shaking hands. If you want a proper treatment in shaking hands, then you should treat any of the diseases like Parkinson disease, spina bifida and Alzheimer’s disease. Kava kava is available as leaf; this can be boiled well in water and had as tea, this kava kava tea should be drunk before going bed.

  • Lemon balm

Lemon balm

The cerebellum can be calm down and thus stress on it can be lowered by this lemon balm, as a result hand shaking is treated well by lemon balm. The external application of lemon balm helps to enhance the blood circulation, thereby helping out in stimulation of blood sugar level. The brain functions properly by using this lemon balm. If you use lemon balm oil on forehead, which helps to relieve tension, depression and headache. You can prepare herbal tea out of this lemon balm leaf and had it for certain period, it has good results. Also you can simply rub the lemon balm oil on your forehead, by doing so it will help in lowering anxiety and reduces the stress and gets a relief from hand tremors.

  • Fava beans


For proper functioning of our brain we need thiamine, magnesium and zinc. All this nutrients are found in fava beans. The digestion level is increased in body, you know thiamine deficiency can cause muscle weakness, anorexia, confusion and short term memory loss. The RDA for adult is 1 to 1.2 milligram of thiamine per day. By taking that much of thiamine in a day, one can stay healthy and keep themselves fit enough physically and mentally. Thiamine is densely found in fish, meat, pork, nuts, cereals and whole grains.

  • Avoid sugar


Sugar supplies instant energy to body, low blood sugar is one of the main factor for the hand tremors. Sugar to be taken in moderate level, not in an excess amount. Excess sugar can cause degenerative process and thus stimulating the nervous system.2-3 tablespoon of sugar per day is enough, if you have hand tremors then kindly stay away from excess sugary foods like cakes, candies and beverages.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids


For maintaining healthier cell functioning of brain you need omega 3 fatty acids, those who take fish regularly in diet are less prone to cause mental disorders. If you properly take these omega-3 fatty acids in diet, that helps on reducing the hand tremors. Oxygen is got supplied to brain cells effectively by use of this omega-3 fatty acids, thus it helps in maintaining cerebellum healthily, omega-3 fatty acids prevents the occurrence of wrinkles on skin and delays the aging sign. The fatty acid helps in keeping your skin healthy. For an normal adult 250-300 mg of omega -3 fatty acids is required in a day, elsewhere in hand tremors cases you need to take 300-350 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in a day. The best way to get these omega-3 fatty acids is by consuming fish oil capsules.

  • Chamomile tea


Chamomile tea is not only beneficial in hand tremors, it helps in promoting proper digestion, it reliefs from stomach upset. The anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of chamomile tea is well notified from several years ago. Your brain gets functioned properly, brain cells degeneration rate is lowered, inflammation on nerve is reduced and thus it is an effective herb that stimulates our nerve cells. Drinking two cups of this chamomile tea has the positive effect in treating hand tremors.

Hope this article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life.

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