Summer pays way for the occurrence of heat boils, skin care during summer is highly essential, sweat and severe sun rays can harm your body during summer season resulting in boils and skin rashes. Excess heat generation causes heat boils in body. Those who take non- vegetarian foods on daily basis or those who drink less amount of water on them heat boils occur easily. Initially boils occurs slightly then that can increase in size and boiled found with pus in it. Severe pain, swelling, itching, high fever are the common symptoms found in heat boils. Drinking sufficient amount of fluids daily and keeping our body hydrate well helps to treat boils easily.

Now let us see what home remedy available to get rid of heat boils:-

Tea tree oil

Tea tree Oil

Tea tree oil is best home remedy method in treating heat boil naturally away. First nicely clean the heat boils using warm water. Then apply tea tree oil gently on that region directly or dilute it with water and apply on the affected region. You can cover with bandage after application of tea tree oil, daily do this at least once in a day, on regular application of it on heat boil, it will get disappear.


heat boils

Garlic remains the best and effective home remedy in treating heat boil, garlic cloves has to be taken, peel off the skin of garlic, and now grind it into paste. Apply this garlic paste directly on heat boils, this can be done many times in a day, it has proven results and garlic does a real magic on heat boil, just try it and see the nature’s gift uses and get benefited.



Turmeric is the best herb that is easily available all times in your kitchen, it has antiseptic and antibiotic effects, and heat boil can be treated well with turmeric. Take one glass of warm milk to it add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and drink this milk thrice in a day, it really works well on heat boils, topical application of this turmeric powder along with milk is also done on heat boil, the results are really amazing. Quicker heal from those heat boils easily with the wellness of turmeric naturally.



Milk is one of the best home remedy to cure heat boils, just take one teaspoon of milk to it add little turmeric powder and add little drops of vinegar then mix well altogether in a mixing bowl, now apply this on heat boils directly, allow it to dry. Then wash away with water. This home remedy can be done thrice a day; it is an effective cure for heat boils.

Warm compress

warm compress

Warm compress is best way to treat heat boils, just take a neat cloth dip it in warm water and then apply it on the boils, by doing so the boil outer layer gets opened and finally it would get burst naturally, it is simplest way in treating heat boils easily at home, effective way too.

Apple cider vinegar


The anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar makes it perfect choice in healing heat boils easily, just take little apple cider vinegar in a bowl, now dilute it with water. Then apply it on the boils gently, you can repeat this process several times in a day for quicker healing from boils, apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedy in healing heat boil.

Cumin seeds

heat boils

Cumin seeds have excellent beauty and medicinal benefits; these seeds help in drying heat boil easily thereby making it clear. The pain on that area gets relieved and also swelling is reduced. Even redness of heat boils are lowered to some extent. Take cumin seeds and grind it well, then take cumin seed powder and add little water to it to make paste of it, then apply this paste on the heat boils, let it dry nicely, then wash with normal water. It has best proven results in healing heat boil easily. Try it out without fail this summer and get rid of those heat boils easily, for best results try this home remedy method several times in a day and easily clear the boils away.

Heat boils are very commonly occurring one in summer, we should only know how to stay protected from occurrence of it, no need to scar after getting heat boil, just keep your body well hydrated and follow the above mentioned remedies easily at home, repeatedly follow these remedies and get rid of these heat boils easily.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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