Knee pain is common occurring one; it is caused due to acute injuries to knees or due to other complication of a diseased condition. These pains can be diagnosed by proper and thorough physical examination. Chronic knee pain may need surgery to treat it effectively. These knee pains occur in all ages. Home remedies would help to prevent and treat the knee pain at the initial level or in an acute stage.

Knee or joint pain’s severity may vary from minor level or very severe level. The symptoms of knee pain include locking of the knee, difficulty in walking, redness, and swelling of the knee, unable to extend the knees. Fracture of the knees needs immediate medical support. Dislocation of the knee joint can happen, which may lead to lack of blood supply to the legs and may end up in other health-related issues.

The doctor says that improper posture would be the main causative factor of joint pain, leg pain, and back pain. All these pains can lead to complications if not taken medical attention immediately. The home remedy mentioned below in this article helps in strengthening of bones, joints and thereby help in the restoration of the knee function properly without any discomfort.

Ingredients Required:

Raisins-3 tbsp

Unflavoured gelatin-2tbsp

Honey- 200g


Pumpkin seeds-40g

Sesame seeds- 4 tbsp

Method of Preparation:

Take the pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, and raisins in a blender and blend it well to make powder. Now take a bowl of it add the gelatin, blended ingredients and honey, now mix altogether nicely and store it in a glass jar.


  • Use this recipe on daily basis, one teaspoon of this healthy recipe to be consumed before breakfast and before lunch. So twice a day this recipe has to be taken to get beneficial results.
  • After including this recipe continuously for a certain period of time it starts to strengthen the bones and joints, also the elasticity of tendons and ligaments are improved. This recipe will boost up the metabolism also.



The collagen property of gelatine helps in strengthening of bones and joints thereby it is a boom for arthritis patients. The study made by American Academy of Family Physicians says that osteoarthritis patients those who took gelatine supplementation for a few period, experienced less knee pain and they have got their stiffness in the knees. This gelatine has the powerful action in easing out the joint and knee pain. Because gelatine is made up of collagen, and this collagen is found naturally in our bones and cartilage. The knee and joints get collagen from this gelatine and get strengthened. There is also another added benefit of gelatine, it has magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. So, this all put together makes the gelatine help in bone strengthening, improving the elasticity of tendons and ligaments, thus it has a hugely beneficial role in combating osteoarthritis.

This method has no side effects; it simply speeds up the healing of damaged ligaments and tendons. So just try with this simple method and stay healthier and make the joints flexible by lubricating it with gelatine and pumpkin, sesame and flaxseeds.

Hope the above-mentioned information would be useful to you and please keep reading our articles and thanks for taking time to read this article.You can read my another article here ( HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGY – BIOELECTRONICS? ).

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