Honey and its health benefits

Whether you are a health freak or not, you must know the variable benefits of honey, health conscious persons use honey as an aid of losing weight. Who isn’t familiar with the fact that mixing honey with warm water and a little bit of lemon and consuming it early in the morning will aid in shredding those extra kilos as well as the antioxidants will aid in lustrous hair and healthy skin. Not only such an individual can use it as a hair pack mixing with some other ingredients, as a face pack again mixing with some other natural ingredients which is already present in a household. Also, who can deny the out of the world taste of honey lemon chicken or chicken sweet and sour? And taste courtesy goes to the one and only natural sweetener- honey. With such countless advantages of honey, in this artifact let’s discuss about honey as well as its health benefits.

Liquid gold or honey is one of the nature’s purest foods, and its functionality is more than that of a natural sweetener. It is also termed as a functional food which means it has this natural food contain uncountable health benefits. Raw honey contains ample amount of essential as well as nonessential amino acids (approximately 22 types), contains 5,000 types of enzymes with dramatic health benefits and 27 types of minerals including iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium, calcium, etc. Also, it contains some medicinal benefits. At our childhood whenever we used to fall sick regarding cold and flu, our grandmothers tend to give a blended mixture of honey and basil leaves. And the outcome is beyond imagination. Before going straightaway to the benefits of honey let’s perceive a short description about raw honey.

Raw honey is the unfiltered, unpasteurized form of natural sweetener made by bees from the collective nectar of different flowers. But nowadays most of the branded honey than we consume are pasteurized or heat processed as it is collected from the hives of bees.

Health benefits of raw honey

Helps in losing those extra packs:

According to researchers the natural enzymes present in honey helps to suppress the hunger as well as appetite. It also helps in lowering the serum triglyceride level. Consuming honey at a prescribed level and a daily basis also aids in maintaining the blood sugar level due to the lower glycemic index. The study has been done on few healthy non obese individual (irrespective of gender) who has consumed honey on a daily basis at breakfast.

Counter pollen allergies:

As raw honey contains bee pollen it helps to boost up your immune system and acts as a counter to natural allergies. The allergy relief is particularly based on the theory of immunotherapy. Raw honey is best regarding preventing seasonal allergy symptoms.

Natural supplier of energy:

Raw honey contains approximately 80% of natural sugars and 20% of water with ample amount of minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. Hence it provides easily absorbed energy suppliers regarding liver glycogen.

A powerhouse of antioxidants:

While raw honey contains immune boosting properties, it knows no bound that the antioxidants percentage is quite high which helps to scavenge the free radicals. It also decreases the possibilities of aging.

Now that you know all the benefits of honey it’s your time to incorporate such into your daily life.

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