These hot stone massages has higher healing power, they provide good relaxation and the person taking hot stone massages will really feel the worth of taking such an wonderful therapy. This hot massage therapy is used before several years ago and still it power was recognized, practiced throughout the world. Here heated stones are used in healing, even the sore muscles get relaxed and refreshed by this treatment. In specific muscle regions and in spine area, these hot stone massages are done. Good results are obtained by practicing this technique.

Black volcanic rocks are termed as basalt, these are used in hot stone massages therapy. These stones are either smaller or larger. If you too prefer in taking hot stone massage, then get from a well professional massage therapist. Who does these techniques in sequence and without causing damage to muscles? Many spas now a day’s provide these kinds of hot stone massages.


  1. Heating the stones in water at a temperature of 110-150 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. Initially Swedish massage is given for ten minutes period.
  3. The heated stones are taken from water and now using this stones, given massages on skin, they will use larger stones for massaging large muscles and small stones for massaging back region and smaller muscles.
  4. Once the stones get’s cool, massage therapist will place these stones on belly, spine, back, hands and toes for good relaxation and improved blood circulation.
  5. In some place of massage centers after these step, there will be traditional massages will be followed as a final touch to this therapy.

Don’t waste your time; enjoy the healing and relaxing power of hot stone massages.



  1. Reduces the cancer risk
  2. Muscle tension gets relieved
  3. Stress and anxiety reduced
  4. Improved sleep
  5. Enhance the immunity power
  6. Improves blood circulation
  7. Provides good mental health

Now let us see the health benefits of hot stone massages briefly;

Cancer Reduction-

During cancer times, there would be huge pains, on performing hot stone massages particularly on those times can lessen the pain and make them relax by lowering the stress and anxiety completely away. Though the patient may be in chemotherapy but the pains are really horrible and under intolerance.

Auto Immune Diseases-

Certain auto immune diseases like fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis can be prevented by taking regular hot stone massages therapy.

Immunity Booster-

The immune system is enhanced by boosting up the immunity power using hot stone massages, these therapies has the power to lower arginine vasopressin levels in our body, thereby helping to lower pressures on blood.

Mental Health-

Your body and mind can get good relaxation through hot stone massages, it has the power to soothe the nerves and reducing nerve tension, also reduces the anxiety level in body and finally it eliminates stress outside our body. Thus helping in attaining a healthier mind and body.

Improved Blood Circulation-

The process behind this is, doing hot massage therapy makes the heart rate increased, this further makes the vessels of blood to get dilated and at last the blood flow is increased overall the body. Thus good supply of oxygen is got to all parts of our body. Making heart healthier.


If you experience poor sleep then my suggestion is to prefer for one hot stone massage, this therapy makes you sleep like a baby, by reducing your stress level and it keeps the depression away and soothes your nervous system. Aids a good quantity and quality of sleep.

Muscle Tension-

If you suffer from muscle injury doing this massage helps in lessening the injury and it relaxes the entire muscles. The blood circulation is increased throughout the body, thereby making the muscles to get good supply of oxygen.

Stress And Anxiety-

If you have higher stress levels, then doing this massages would help in lowering the stress increasing hormones in body, thus soothes the nerve cells and making them calm and relax. You can finally reach the level of stress free life and live peacefully and happily without any mental worries.



There is a little side effects are noticed on practicing this hot stone massages and they are listed below briefly;

  1. Skin Discomfort- There are few discomforts seen in temperature and pressure of hot stones, which may vary from person to person. These hot stone massage therapy can even burn skin, so be cautious and get practiced this technique from the well trained massage therapist.
  2. People with blood clots, tumors, heart disorders, pregnant women, and in internal bleeding conditions this therapy are strictly not suggested to take.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it among your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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