Fear of loss is the thought of losing what we own, and our beloved persons is present in our daily life. Usually, we hope that bad luck, failure and disappointment will never happen to us. Sometimes, we listen to other people’s problems trying to console them, thinking which words would be appropriate to make them feel better and ease their pain. Fear of loss is a thought that comes inevitably after listening to situations related to loss and pain. Daily news broadcast misfortunes such as earthquakes, floods, fatal accidents, natural catastrophes, etc. and then, it is the moment we realize that we are not immortal.

Nevertheless, fear of loss is not always connected to death, but with other aspects of life also. First of all, we need to define how many faces of loss may exist and afterwards, we shall try to find and propose ways to overcome it.

The fear of Loss – The Sense it causes – Ways to Move Forward

In my opinion, the first sense or fear of loss comes when hopes do not come true. Then when somebody may feel “ empty” and hopeless, a kind of sadness may occur. Failure, also is a part of loss. In this case, when a person aspires to change his/her life, experiences a certain type of loss when finally does not achieve what he/she hoped for. Another type of loss and fear of loss someone may experience is connected to money. Have you ever considered how many people after having invested large sums of money they finally lost them? The idea of losing may be connected to friends and companions who are being alienated as the time passes. Life goes on, former classmates, university companions, old acquaintances, etc. lose contact, and distance is one of the causes of their detachment. Moments of our life little by little are fading away. Have you ever felt that a period of life which was really full of happiness cannot be repeated? The feeling of not being able to preserve this moment is also a sense of loss, a fear of loss.

The expression of this anxiety can happen through various aspects of life. Dreams are a depiction of this fear. The fear of loss. Carl Jung (the famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) believed that trying to solve some of our dreams, we may open a little door that perhaps may lead to hidden corners of soul and mind.

The fear of loss may also appear by reactions such as stress, sometimes expressed while dreaming. When people face a stressful and demanding situation, such as exams, a job promotion, etc., their mood changes and sometimes, all this psychological state causes corporal reactions, such as rapid heartbeat, insomnia, etc. Consequently, after having recognized the problem it is possible to find the solution. How somebody may overcome the consequences of the fear of loss?

First reaction to face the fear of loss is to recognize the source of the problem and talk about it with a person we can trust. From personal experience, I could suggest that the first step to free ourselves from unpleasant thoughts is to think about an alternative, in case our thoughts may not happen as planned. Of course, alternatives may apply in cases where there may exist a plan b. The only case where there is no second plan is the loss of a beloved person who does not live anymore, in all other cases, normally, there is a solution.

Physical exercise, is extremely beneficial for body and soul. I have tried both, yoga , meditation and Pilates, Their postures help back, after many hours of sedentary life, body regains its flexibility, and then you feel relaxed. This feeling of relaxation permits to every human being to reduce stress and feelings of negativity that may lead to fear of an imminent loss.

Another way to escape from negativity and fear of loss, would be to try a sport outdoors, in nature. An effort to escape from daily routine and the problems it causes is to choose sports that in a way help us to keep a distance from reality and the fears or concerns daily life causes. Once, and for a couple of months, when I was combining work and studies, I needed a way out, so as not to think about grades and my future career. I saw some advertisements about sailing, it seemed to me a good idea and so, I started to learn the basics, having entered a group of persons – students of sailing. It was a nice experience that kept my mind occupied for some hours, and at the same time, an exercise that helped me be fit.

Another step one could follow as an antidote to the fear of loss, would be to go on vacation. Changing daily routine, helps to think more clearly, especially when somebody goes on a short journey close to nature. A walk on the sea coast, or near the valley may significantly improve mood and remove any negative thoughts about any fear of a possible loss, failure and feelings of pessimism. The journey can be combined with a really enjoying spa therapy, massage, and various treatments that calm body and mind. Of course, travelling and reading can be very beneficial, because in this way, readers stop thinking about their own life as they are absorbed in the story they are reading.

Science is also next to those who need it, and always ready to help someone who feels week and confronted with the fear of loss. There are many specialists, who via psychoanalysis and conversation, lead to reach stability and a sense of security to people who face a long or short – term crisis.

Last but not least, fear of loss may adopt numerous faces and we can say that is present in many moments of our daily life. The main point is to see clearly the source of nervousness or panic. Whatever the symptoms of fear of loss are, we must remember that recognizing the reason that causes it, we have the strength to overcome it, for there are ways such as those mentioned above. Do not forget, we are strong!

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Alexandra Asvesta

Alexandra Asvesta is a Linguist, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and an author interested in various subjects. Lately, she has focused on topics regarding health and quality of life, such as sports, yoga, Pilates, swimming, sailing, etc. and their contribution to mind and body. She believes in the beneficial properties of the Mediterranean diet and the ingredients used to prepare a nice, tasty and healthy food.

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