Life is not easy. We all understand the meaning of this sentence.Usually, we need a change of scenery when feeling tired, and then, we decide to go tourism.  So travelling leads to relaxation, entertainment and rest. Travelling is also a beneficial factor as far as health is concerned.

Travelling, Health and Tourism

Three little words connected to create a new way of perceiving vacation.

Have you ever heard about health tourism?

A large number of people decide to visit a place for a matter of health. Very often, we see leaflets where spa resorts and various hotels are advertised. Each country is known to offer a special way of spa therapies, such as thermal springs (thermal medicine), mud baths, etc. and there are various hotels, where you may find dietitians, cardiologists, masseurs, and trainers.

Travelling, Religion and Tourism (mentioned also as faith tourism)

A different reason for going on a trip is connected to religious faith. Consequently, there is also the option of choosing a place to visit for religious reasons. Some of them are located in: Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, Italy, Egypt, and in many other places throughout the world.

Travelling, Real vacation and Relaxation


People who wish to relax and “escape” from the daily problems frequently decide to travel to another place. There are places for all different tastes, like: Sea and sun near the coast, eating fruits and relaxing. According to their tastes, people search for a place to spend some time and vacate their head from their daily problems or stress. Normally, after a year at work many people make plans to combine travel and rest.

Travelling and Work

Have you ever thought the number of deals that are signed after a successful presentation? I believe that numerous business contracts are achieved when one of the two partners travels to meet the executive managers of the other company, in order to complete a presentation with the key points of the business agreement.

Travelling, Work and Vacation

Sometimes, there is a combination of work and vacation. There are programs that offer the chance to work and spend some leisure time. This is known as summer work, summer internships, and in general, temporary work in various summer language schools located near the sea coast. In cases like this, students while learning a foreign language entertain themselves by taking part in various activities, such as dance (for instance, traditional dances), sightseeing, swimming, going out every night, and tasting traditional food. So people have fun, learn a country’s language and get introduced into a different culture. Teachers also achieve a combination of benefits, such as travelling to a new place with paid vacation and the chance to update their curriculum vitae.

Travelling and Studies

A very common need to travel is when somebody decides to enroll in a university in another city or country. A whole new world opens in front of the eyes of the future students. Every year, a large number of graduates leave their homes, and many times their countries, to live in a different place, so as to start studying in the university they have been admitted. After graduating from school, life is changing. Future undergraduate students make plans for their studies, they start decorating their rooms according to their tastes, and they make new friends.  First year students live a whole life of experiences, such as sharing their day with their other students, eating together, organizing short trips near the city they live, they participate in the student union, they vote during student elections, and many more.

There are cases, when university students visit other universities to participate in seminars, congresses and sometimes in theatrical performances, which means that there is a lot of activity and moving from one place to the other. In similar cases, students enrich their knowledge and experiences; they obtain new pictures from buildings, installations, etc. They have access to presentations, educational material, books, articles, etc. At the same time, they meet other university students; they are introduced into a new world. This world connects knowledge with future professional life. Students are given the opportunity to meet managers and business owners so as to make their first steps into the working field. It happens very often, after finishing studies or during studies, to find an internship that helps to obtain valuable working experience, enrich the curriculum vitae and, little by little, become familiar with the working field.

Why travelling is beneficial to our life?

So many reasons occur to me as possible answers to this question! What I can say with certainty is that all the reasons above – mentioned are important, according to each person’s needs, and I would like to underline that travelling and changing places opens new horizons in people’s lives.

Our conclusion is that travelling, as we have already seen, is a part of our life, linked to various aspects of our existence, such as: work, studies, vacation, entertainment, and many more.

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