How to avoid procrastinating habit

Sometime or the other, we all have procrastinated our work. Even those of us, who are most organized, and punctual cannot deny to having involved in this act. Well, procrastinating things is in human nature. As long as procrastinating your stuff doesn’t actually disturbs your life, it is okay to shift some of your work to the near future. But if the habit of procrastinating is getting out of your hands, and you face serious consequences, because of all the work you have left undone, then, it is time for you to address this issue. Procrastination can make you suffer from great losses, if you keep adding everything to your to-do list of tomorrow. This seemingly innocuous habit of a person can prove to be addictive, and majorly, hamper with your lifestyle. Many of us definitely would have tried to break this habit, but to no avail. Well, I am here to share few tips with you, which might help to break this unbreakable of procrastination.


The following habits will help you to make a routine to break out of your habit of procrastinating. Getting a little done every day is definitely a lot better than having to do a lot of work in a single day. By adopting the given habits, you can de-clutter your life, and manage your days more effortlessly.

  1. Write down the task as soon as you receive it.

Writing anything down makes the memory of that particular thing stronger. Writing helps you to memorize better. That’s why students are encouraged to study by writing more and more things down. This habit of writing down the things you need to do will help you to memorize these tasks. Besides, you will be aware of the tasks you need to need complete. Moreover, making a list of the pending tasks gives you an idea about how to manage your day, in order to get all those tasks completed.

It is not much difficult to adopt this habit. You should start keeping a small notepad and a pen on you. Make it a strict habit to scribble down anything and everything that needs to be done by you. Penning the tasks down right away provides you with something to look at, if you forget the details of the tasks you need to do.

  1. Plan your day.

The next step to break out your habit of procrastination is planning your day. Making a list of the things you need to complete in a day gives you an idea of how much time you will need to devote to those tasks. Start your day by planning how much time you are going to assign to each of your daily chores. Or, you could plan your day on the previous night before sleeping. Planning your day ahead, actually gives you something to look forward to. This might help you to wake up with energy the next day, because you know what all you need to accomplish in that day.

Assign enough time to every task. Panning less time can overwhelm you, and you might end up wasting your whole day. Keep in mind that completing all the tasks in a single day is not important. Arrange your tasks based on priorities, and emergencies. Do the important tasks first, and the less important later. Remember, doing maximum tasks should not be your priority, but doing each task perfectly should be.

  1. Complete shorter tasks right away.

Make it a rule to complete the tasks that take less than five minutes, right away. Adding such tasks to your already long list of pending stuff overwhelms you, and you might end up disappointed and discouraged. Now, disappointed and discouraged version of yourself will lose all the will power to go through the day as planned. So, stop adding the stuff to your list, which can easily be completed right then. Additionally, by completing a task right away you build your confidence about completing all the other planned tasks as well.

  1. Keep updating your planning schedule.

As you go about your day, you should keep striking out the tasks you have completed. Doing this will give you boost, and you will feel more inclined to complete all the other tasks of the day too. It is an effective form of self-encouragement that works every time. Seeing the success of your hard work throughout the day in front of your eyes is bound to elevate your spirit. There is nothing more satisfactory to know that your day has been worth your efforts. You get a lot off your plate.


Some of your habits might be holding you back from sticking to your plan through the day. These habits are the root cause of procrastination. It is extremely important to clear your life of these, in order to live stress free. Here are some tips for the same:

  1. Do not use your phone while working.

Never ever use your phone while working except for making, and receiving important calls. Using your phone while working can derail your focus. This will make you spend more time on a single task, and you will end up with a lot of pending work in your hands by the end of the day. Breaking your focus repeatedly makes it more difficult to focus each time. So, keep your phone on silent, and resist your urge to pick it up every few minutes.

  1. Do not set unrealistic daily goals.

Setting high daily goals can discourage you. Based on your ability, plan your day, and the tasks you are going to complete that day. Aspiring for completing more tasks in a day than you can actually do, will leave your confidence in pieces, so, never set up your daily goals too high.

It is time for your to finally break out the habit of procrastination, and use all your talent to achieve the best in your life. Do not let those pending tasks hold you back. Eyogguroo

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