How to Overcome From Depression and Stress in Your Daily Life

Depression and stress are the most common problem faced by our generation.

5/6 days working, setting job, work stress and so on. Everybody is participating in rat race without bothering that it can result in physical and mental illness. Illness is not always defined by a person affected with the disease but also measured with the level of stress one is taking. The workload which leads you to overthink, not getting time for yourself, feeling sad, feeling lonely also leads to stress and later it can become a depression. Depression and anxiety also drain your energy and make it difficult for you feel and think better.

How to overcome from stress which later can make you suffer from depression?

Before discussing the facts first and most importantly, avoid thinking about the particular problem or issue that is inside your mind. If you can’t decrease it so better don’t increase it by thinking too much about it. Always remember

“Everything happens for a reason, and something good is coming your way”

Below are mention some simple ways to deal with stress and depression

Avoid overthinking:
The main and foremost mantra don’t overthink, put out that negative spin from you. Don’t expect so much from future just try to stay in present. What has happened cannot be changed instead try what measure can be taken to cure it. Put your energy in finding out the solution because will not get anything with regressions.

Chill with your friends or closed ones: Avoid staying alone, roam around and make plans. The less you will think about the problem the lesser amount of negative energy will build inside you.  

Don’t let that Negativity come to you:  I know it would be a tough time for you but it is the time to showcase your inner strength. Nothing is impossible if you have that courage and you can accomplish. Don’t let those negative thoughts comes to your mind that “you are worth nothing” “you are good in nothing” just remove the word “Not” from your dictionary. You are worth everything and certainly, you can do anything. Maybe it’s not the right time.

Eating right: Eating habits has a direct impact on the way you feel. Reduce the intake of caffeine, alcohol and various trans-fat which has a high level of chemical preservatives. Don’t skip your meals nor do over eating. Go for short and healthy meals. One should at least eat 4-6 times a day. Reduce your sugar intake and other fried junk snacks and start to take benefits of cabbage juice.

Go for a walk: Be active and go for a walk daily make it a routine and add it into your lifestyle. Exercise can be a very good option to kill your stress and depression. Either indulge in other physical activities like cycling, swimming, playing badminton or other sports.

Meditation or Yoga: Yoga, meditation can help in reducing stress and ends up keeping you calm and relaxed.

Always remember happiness and sadness are part of life. Time will come and go you have to showcase best of you every time.

If you believe you are right,
but still people criticize you, hurt you,
shout at you, don’t bother.
Just remember that
“In every game, only
audience makes noise,
not players.” Be a player.
Believe in yourself.
And do the best.

— Sir APJ Kalam

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