Our tongue helps to chew the food, swallow it and finally taste it well. We can find the taste of food whether it’s delicious or not by the help of tongue. The entire health of a person can be known from the condition of your tongue. Many disorders symptoms can be analysed by your tongue condition. These are said to be the primary symptoms which are visibly noted on your tongue. Your tongue should be pinkish red with bumps and waves, it is said to be normal condition of our tongue. If your tongue is abnormally found with any other colors or eruptions or coatings, then that can be an indication of chronic and acute diseases.

Now let us see the several signs and symptoms on tongue which describe your diseased condition in detail-



Oral thrush can be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. If you have weak immune system then thrush results. Thrush is nothing but oral candidiasis, which is due to the infection of yeast. Because of this there would be white coating on tongue, this condition is also known as cottage cheese condition. Diabetics have dry mouth issues, dehydration will be there and in that case the tongue loses its appearance, which tends to be abnormal in condition.



here also oral thrush will be found, that is the initial sign and symptom of infection, when you have a weak immune system, it make it hard or difficulty to defend the infection of microbes in body, that’s the toughest one in aids,  if you have red sores on tongue or in other area of mouth that can be a sign of HIV, also there can be hair like growth that is white in color seen on the sides of tongue, this is also seen in aids condition, that symptom proper term in medical is hairy leukoplakia. In this modern world, medicines have come advanced and you may get an effective treatment than before for HIV infection, thereby helping out in preventing the severity of the viral infection.

Celiac disease

Celiac disease

In this disorder, the immune system gets weaken. When eating a gluten rich diet that would affect the immune system and then small intestine gets attacked. Then there would be bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and pain. In this celiac disease the minute hair on the surface of tongue gets lost. This condition is referred as smooth tongue or bald tongue; the correct term in medical for this condition is atrophic glossitis. In this condition, taste get changed and affected, also there will be lots of pain seen around. Hair particles on tongue dots when get lose, that causes sore which is severe on tongue. When you start eating spicy or acidic foods, then there would be burning sensation which is very severely found.

In this condition the tongue either becomes dry or gets burned, there will not be proper absorption of vitamins and minerals on small intestine. There will be formation of canker sores on tongue or in other region of mouth. In this celiac disease, you have to avoid gluten in diet, wheat in diet to be avoided completely.

SJogren’s syndrome

SJogren’s syndrome

This is an autoimmune disease. Several parts of the body gets affected by this, in this condition tear ducts and salivary glands gets affected a lot. Then dry eyes and dryness in mouth occurs, that further leads to the oral thrush. Then little hairs on tongue get disappeared and finally your tongue gets turned into red in color. The protective enzymes are not found in saliva, thus making it week and allowing the fungus to multiply and grow inside.



If you have sores on tongue or mouth region, that can even a bump which remain exist for more than two weeks, then you need to give immediate medical attention. There can be white patches found on tongue. This is the result of uncontrolled development of cells on mouth region. This is called leukoplakia. It can be harmless or it can be an indication of cancer on mouth. The increase of oral cancer happens now a day’s very common. To avoid this carcinoma or cancer in  mouth region, proper vaccination is must,  children’s in the age of 11 or 12 they can get vaccinated with HPV vaccine, in young age if you’re not vaccinated then you can put HPV vaccine at the age of 21-26, these can help you out in preventing the onset of HPV related carcinoma.

There can be cold sores occurring on tongue, it is an indication of stress in your body. So in that case when they are small in size, take necessary steps to avoid greasy foods and gargle your mouth with warm water along with salt in it. These can help on treating those cold sores in the starting stage itself, thereby avoiding the severity of the condition. Thus our tongue can reveal our health condition, so don’t ignore it.

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