The word impossible says I AM POSSIBLE

The word impossible says I AM POSSIBLE, similarly if you revert the word no see the miracle it says stay on, that implies there is nothing a human can’t do. The world is full of countless people who have reverted the word no by their “n” punches of ON. To be a master of your own fate and destiny you have to make some sacrifices for sure but your never-ending willpower and determination will take you to the glorious victory which was once full of obstacles, failures, rejections, stress, anxiety, fear, pressure and other evils that were stopping you.

Winners always win at the end of the tough phase, but they never ever quit from their goal, they might change their path towards their inner goal but they keep going and stay on. People with broader outlook keep fighting until they win and prepare themselves for next journey, their life is full of exciting opportunities but they have to keep their eyes and ears open. They have to use their skills and creativity to stay on the right track.
Discover your talent to stay on in the game of life: Everyone who is successful has his own unique talent and different skills in which he is a master so for being successful, first you must discover your own foray, work on that, put your creativity and convert all the no’s into the ON. Stay on in the game of life, you never know when a small desire is going to open an inside magical door.
Start working today for better tomorrow: Don’t wait for the right or the perfect moment, now is the time. Time is the most valuable resource, use it judiciously. Make a what – to- do list, set your priorities and work accordingly to stay on for better tomorrow that is going to be your worthiest present. You will feel much more organized as you have a plan and you already know in advance what exactly you are going to do, this will diminish all the extra pressure in your mind and keeps you healthy too.
Be Smart but work hard too: In today’s scenario, it’s not only the hard work that pays you. Our success is directly proportional to the amount of the smart work we are doing. You have to be smart while working hard. Smart work makes you more disciplined, guides you to take right action at right time, while your hard work will translate all your imagination into reality of fruitful sweet success and makes you stay on for next journey.
Learn from past mistakes: You have your own life experience and struggle but you can’t blame others for your failures. Learn from past, admit your mistakes, and be courageous to make the change. Instead of blaming yourself for unaccomplished goals, count your achievements and blessings, start working on things that are thrilling you, making you enthusiastic, stay on that path, and mesmerize everyone by your magic.
The hardest time is just for a while: The hardest time is going to mentor you and makes you a lifetime winner. Every time you are not going to win obviously, but step by step you are going to vanquish all your troubles and accomplish a goal you have set for yourself. Every pain and scar on your body is to remind you that you are strong. Even the darkest night has shiny morning so keep going and stay on till you reach your goal.
Share what you have: “We make our living by what we get, we make our life by what we give”. Sharing makes you on the upper hand, the more you share, the more you receive. Life is all about giving and receiving, whether you have surplus food, wealth, knowledge, happiness or anything if you share that with others it is going to multiply as the law of attraction is working every time. Sharing has the direct correlation with success too. It is one of the ways to transform your no into the ON. Every successful person knows the power of sharing as we all rise by uplifting others. It gives you the peace of mind, body, and soul.


Why only 1 percent of people actually get what they ever want whether it’s financial success, name or fame and rest 99 percent live an ordinary and mediocre life? The answer to this question is fundamental that until and unless you have a keen desire to achieve something, regardless of hustle and bustle of your life you can’t grow. You have to keep moving forward with optimism and have to feel delighted with whatever you are doing. If you are doing something with your heart, mind, and soul you are going to be successful for sure, it’s a possibility it will take some time may but with your unrelenting faith and vigorous attitude, you are preparing yourself for your glaring upcoming future. For that must have to discover your own unique desire to do something, start working on it. Put all your energy and creativity into that single task and see what a magic it can do.

Be smart this time don’t just do hard work as a fool,  as smarter people achieve more easily they well plan in advance that makes you focus towards your goal. Learn from your past experiences of the life, use those experience for a better tomorrow, and don’t repeat your mistakes again and again. Even if you are struggling, count your boons move forward with your innovative ideas. Human beings are the greatest being on the earth, use your energy to do something worthwhile. To have an amazing, healthy and blissful life, to have a mental peace of your mind, body, and soul, to be successful you should be like a tree which is giving shelter, fruits, medicines, wood any many other things to everyone who comes under it.
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Charneet Kaur Bangaa

Starter Innovator Explorer Learner Improver Hard worker Writer Teacher Creative Problem Solver (Deep thinker) Born on the international day of justice, having varied educational degrees, a complete package of knowledge in different forays, full of passion and enthusiasm towards her goal whatever she sets, makes her unique fit in any role as per her organization demands. She is a multitask-er, quick learner, and a disciplined person, moreover a valuable source to her organisation.

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