Food is an essential part of every living being’s life. The energy to do the daily tasks is acquired by eating. The energy released is then used to support the various metabolic activities of the body. The ever-active life of the humans requires constant energy supply to get them through their tedious day hours. It is, thus, crucial for us to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to keep us going. The three meals are vital for the healthy life of any human, but the breakfast or first meal is the most important of all.

When you are sleeping, the body utilizes the energy derived from the foods, to repair the damaged cells, and tissues of the body. So, after the sleep, when you wake up, the body is deprived of the energy. The whole time period when you sleep, there is no eating, and hence, it is kind of a fast of over 8 hours. So, when in the morning you wake up and eat, it is technically, breaking the fast, and hence, the term ‘break-fast’ or ‘first meal’. The breakfast or first meal kick starts the day by replenishing all the energy.

The habit of skipping the breakfast or first meal can lead to laziness during the day. The intake of the protein-rich breakfast or first meal energizes you and keeps you active throughout the day. On the other hand, skipping the first meal of your day can lead to various diseases, as the immunity weakens, and so does the health of you. The people take breakfast or first meal very leniently and tend to skip it.

The studies have proven that the people who eat breakfast or first meal are more firs, and healthy, than the persons, who skip their breakfast or first meal. The skipping of the breakfast leads to overeating during the day hours, which in turn may lead to obesity. Obesity leads to health conditions, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart diseases. Moreover, the lack of the energy can affect your concentration at work, or studies. Not only this but skipping the breakfast or first meal can also affect the growth of the growing children. The children in their growing years need the breakfast or first meal for the proper development, and proper functioning of the different body organs.

We need the most energy in the morning, right before stepping out to our jobs, and daily chores, and right after the long fasting hours of the night, during which we sleep. This means that the breakfast or first meal should be eaten in a King’s manner, that is, rich in proteins, and the carbohydrates. The meal, that is eaten before heading out outside in the morning, is the one that decides the whole course of the day. The healthier you eat in the morning, the less likely you are to eat unhealthy food during the day. The breakfast or first meal makes you feel full during those random unhealthy snacking hours.

Thus, having the first meal of the day in the morning keeps you rejuvenated, healthy, and far away from the diseases. It helps the children in their growth and improves the concentration level. Moreover, it is the best way to keep yourself in shape. So, do not forget to have breakfast this morning.

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