The inability to sleep seemed to be the most commonly occurring disorder in many persons worldwide, they find difficult to sleep even for a shorter duration, it may be due to stress, fear, sadness, waving thoughts, depression etc. More than millions of people in worldwide get affected by this insomnia. Due to lack of sleep in night times the persons feel sleepy in the daytime also feels lethargic. He has the feeling that he is mentally and physically not well. Because of this, he has irritation, anxiety and mood swings will be there. About 40 percentages of Americans are affected by this insomnia.

Medication and behavioral changes are highly recommended in treating this insomnia. Your quality of sleep gets affected, not only quality but also the quantity of sleep is affected too. A primary health problem’s side effects would be the causative factor for chronic level insomnia that may exist for several years.

Insomnia occurs in all age groups, but it is very common in adult females. Adult males also suffer from this problem but the percentage of occurring insomnia is higher among female adults. When this occurs that may affect the person’s memory power, concentration power, makes him depressed and worried, also the immune system starts to lower in function. Shift change in the job would also be the cause of developing insomnia. When a person watches television and uses the mobile phone during bedtime that could cause lack of sleep or lateness in the sleep that is because light emission from television and mobile phone causes decreased the level of melatonin and that affects the sleep in most cases.

Sleep is compulsorily needed for the healthy functioning of the human system, insomnia affected person gets up late in the morning, he also has tiredness and restlessness and sleepy through the daytime.

The human body works on continuously, and especially our brain needs adequate rest, otherwise, it could end up with several diseased conditions. To avoid this condition, try to calm down your mind, peace of mind is essential, meditation, exercise will help in sleep-inducing.

The issue of insomnia had the higher risk of developing myocardial infarction or heart attack. The early morning awakening was the biggest problem of insomnia. Sleep in human life is must, it’s essential for the biological recovery. In another research study, it is found that person with difficulty in maintaining the sleep, difficulty in initiating sleep, non- restorative sleep in them the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and stroke are 18- 20 % higher than other persons.

What is the mechanism behind this insomnia and CVD

On a study it is found that insomnia leads to change in the metabolism, function of endocrine system is altered and there leads to increase in the blood pressure, elevated level of cytokines (both inflammatory and pro-inflammatory), thus there is an increase in sympathetic activation, which all contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease first and then formation of stroke. Women who had chronic insomnia may have higher chances of CVD than men.


Now a day’s insomnia is most commonly occurring in all age groups, people should pay more attention to sleep health, it shouldn’t be ignored. There can be assessment of sleep health at the initial level itself, so diagnostic methods should be made compulsorily in health clinics to analyze the quality of sleep, also awareness on insomnia to be given as health education to the public, so that they would be cautious and they will step in to clinic for treating insomnia at the beginning level itself so that easy for treating and thereby life of that person can be saved from cardiovascular disease and stroke. So hereafter don’t ignore of your sleeping disorder it would turn into harmful, get diagnosed and improve your quality and quantity of sleep.



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