दिल से लेकर दिमाग तक जॉगिंग के हैं अनगिनत फायदे

आजकल इंसान एक मशीन की तरह हो गया है। घंटों एक जगह बैठकर काम करना, एक्‍सरसाइज की कमी और खान-पान की गलत आदतों के चल

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Best foods to eat after a morning run

One run can change your day, many runs can change your life!

Running is definitely the best exercise in the world, the benefits it possesses are ultimate. It boosts your stamina, antibiotic power, strengthens your muscles, reduces st

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Count steps, Use pedometer (Count distance traveled on foot)

As mentioned many times the advantages of walk in our daily life. Once again we are back to the topic on how a pedometer will help you to keep a count of your steps. Because each step is important.

We are in a position where 90% people spend almost 9-1

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Mileages of Jogging on a Regular Basis

Jogging is the most popular and oldest aerobic style exercise. Imbued with countless health benefits, jogging is the trendiest exercise. If you want to keep yourself fit and active, it is suggested to jog every day.

Jogging has numerous health

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