Keep Your kidney healthy with these tips

Everybody right now is running after one thing or the other. We have time for everything and everyone but we do omit giving time to one of the most important people in the world, YOU. With the increasing pressure and stress in cities are increasing with each passing day and health of people handling it is going down continuously. We will tell you few tips to keep your kidney healthy.

What is the problem?

With increasing stress, believe of having alcohol when in stress is also increasing. People not able to handle all their pressure go for the alternatives likes alcohol to get their mind at peace. This habit does not only destroy oneself but also his life. There are many other things that are dangerous for kidneys but this article is to help you maintain a healthy pair of kidneys.


Keep your blood sugar and pressure in control-

Kidneys being the organ of excreting wastes from blood do get affected by an abnormal change in it. Hypertension or high blood sugar gradually decline kidney’s function and ultimately result in its failure.

Urinate whenever you need to-

After the filtration of wastes from blood kidney stores urine in the urinary bladder. 120-150 ml is all it can hold and after it, you need to go hit the restroom. Storing urine in the bladder for a long period of time might end up giving you kidney infections or stones.

Less salt-

Having more than 5-6 grams of salts every day is a little dangerous for you. Having more salt than the prescribed amount will increase your blood pressure and can also cause stones in kidney.

Keep yourself hydrated-

Keeping yourself hydrated will help you avoid any chronic kidney disease. Having fluid in any form be it soups, tea, fruit juices or boiled vegetables are healthy for you. Just keep in mind not to take much liquid as it will increase the pressure on kidneys. Your kidneys can only filter 27-33 ounces of water every hour, so just don’t overdo it.

More Tips to keep kidney healthy


If you are reading this point, you already have done damage to your kidneys. Effects of alcohol addiction on blood is that it disturbs its electrolyte balance and hormones that control the functions of kidneys.

Keep your weight in check-

Being fit is never a bad idea but if you want to take care of your kidneys you need to specially attend your weight. Being overweight doubles the risk of developing a kidney disease.

Always avoid self-medication-

Many of us are in a habit of taking medicines on our own. You need to understand that whatever you eat has to pass through your kidneys and the medicines that you are taking might increase the toxic load on your kidneys. It is always better to visit a doctor even in slightest of problems because if treated properly and in the initial state then even the biggest of the diseases can be cured.

Working is a very good habit, you not only contribute to your growth but also your country’s growth but being a workaholic is not a very good idea as it increases the load on all your organs. Keep Your kidney healthy and your health at first priority because nothing is more important than you for you in your life.

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