Binge Eating is one of the biggest problems in today’s life. Nowadays, people prefer to eat out more and that is the reason why they often upset their stomach or they experience difficult bowel movements. Gone are the days when gulping some medicines would help you get rid of your stomach problems. Nowadays, in addition to taking medicines, you need be cautious in taking food. Health is of prime significance and you just cannot afford to neglect it.  I think there is no harm in eating out some days with friends and family but for the rest of the days you should be extra careful to keep your digestive system calm and balanced. And if you have a habit of eating out, this is a must for you. Now, have you ever thought how would you keep it cool and calm? If you have not, you should know its quite easy and simple. Your kitchen is full of natural products which can serve your purpose.

By consuming some ginger, papaya and yogurt, you can keep the ailments away. And apart from this, these ingredients would make your digestive system stronger and you would find that you can eat those tempting foods now without falling sick and keeping the stomach cool and relaxed.

Let us see the natural ingredients that can work wonders for us in keeping our stomach cool

  • The Soothing Ginger 

Ginger Root

Ginger is that ingredient which is a part and parcel of every kitchen. It is a very healthy herb which adds taste to our food. Besides taste, this herb is perfect in aiding the process of digestion and reducing heartburn and inflammation.  When you feel your stomach is really bad, you can go for some ginger water. Add few drops of lemon to the water and have a sip of ginger water preferably after every meal. Ginger is great in soothing and relaxing the intestinal track and stomach.  Hence, use ginger and see the results yourself.

  • Gas Problem? Reduce with Fennel Seeds


Eating junks aggravate our gas problem. Gas problem is really a serious problem and most of us complain of gas and heartburn problems. Antacids are there of course but how long can you depend on medicines for relief? Is not better to indulge in some natural ingredients to get rid of your stomach problem? Fennel seeds work the best in reducing bloating and gas problems.

  • Why Fennel Seeds for Gas?

Fennel has an antioxidative property which it gets from the phytonutrients present in it.  When you chew the seeds, the digestive enzymes get secreted which help to get rid of stomach inflammation, heartburn and intestine problems.  It would be best if you could have one spoonful of fennel seeds after completing every meal.

  • Are Cumin Seeds Also Effective?

cumin seeds

Doubtful about having cumin seeds to keep your stomach cool?  Don’t be, because consuming these cumin seeds would help in the secretion of digestive enzymes in the pancreas that would help in absorption of nutrients and digestion. The flavor of cumin is also awesome. Add some roasted cumin to your buttermilk, shikanji, salad and soups and see the results yourself. Roast or ground them and keep it an airtight bottle and add it to your food to keep stomach problems at bay.

  • Probiotics treat your stomach problems

Probiotics – A gift to Medical

The live micro-organisms that prevent and treat stomach illnesses are called probiotics. Their primary function is to promote a healthy digestive system and improve the immune system. They are well known as healthy and good bacteria. You can get a dose of probiotic in some foods such as kefir and yogurt. This would help improve your immune system and strengthen you against cold and allergies.

  • Yogurt-A Helping Dairy Product


Unlike other dairy products, yogurt is not at all difficult to digest rather it helps in the process of digestion. It helps to reduce bloating, uncomfortable feeling and relaxes the stomach.

  • Oat Bran-Soluble and Insoluble Fibre

Oat Bran

An important source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, bran is prepared by removing the husk from grains like white flour. It helps in the process of digestion and the soluble fiber absorbs water and becomes a gel-like substance in digestive organs of the body.

  • Papaya-Wonder Fruit


Is your stomach upset? Feeling very uncomfortable and making several rounds to the loo?  You can cure your stomach with the help of papaya fruit. The enzyme papain breaks the food that irritates the digestive tract and prompts a healthy stomach.

  • Bananas-Digestive Fruit


Banana is a well-known digestive fruit that gives your instant energy. It has pectin which aids the bowel movements.

An irritated stomach is very annoying and gruesome.  On the one hand, if you suffer from regular stomach upsets, you should try these remedies.  On the other hand, if you are tempted towards outside food, go for them but better you follow a healthy regime at home by using these natural ingredients.  These ingredients are easily available at home and wont cost you much. In spite of settling for the medicines, better you maintain a healthy food habit at home.

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