Kitchen – ‘The Medical Store’

Are you still pondering upon the words written at the top? Yes, that’s true. Your own house can become a chemist shop for you; the only thing you have to do is to know your kitchen products a way more than you know about them today.

So let’s start, these few things might help you spend little less on the medicines.



Amla is said to be a ‘super fruit’. It is rich in vitamin C and has a vast amount of benefits. It is good for our heart, improves metabolic activity. It purifies blood and these are foods for healthy eyes. Amla is also said to prevent jaundice, one of the harmful diseases. Cancer can also be prevented by having this fruit and there are other many advantages of just having this fruit or its juice every day or once in two days.



Almonds are good for memory so all people suffering from ‘short term memory loss’ start having a handful of almonds daily. Those handful almonds together with a sharp brain will also give you strong bones, will also keep your cholesterol at a lower level. Almonds also prevents diabetics and t also helpful in preventing anemia.

Baking powder

This easily available powder is beneficial in many ways. People having acne can apply it on their face and within two three days it will start giving you results. It can also be applied on heat burns and is surely an effective remedy. Baking soda also can be used as a medicine in stomach pain, it gives a quick ease.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder too has many health benefits and you can always and always find it in your kitchen. Mixing this powder in milk can help u give relief from sore throat and cold. It can also be applied on face to give you that glowing skin. It is also helpful for people who have joint pains. The powder is also helpful in boosting immunity.


Cloves, popularly known as’ laung’ can prevent you from going to Doctor when feeling nausea or having a vomiting sensation. So people who feel uncomfortable on travelling on hills can carry cloves with them instead of taking the medicines. Cloves are also helpful in distressing the body hence soothes the body. It is also helpful in preventing hair loss.



People having bad breath can take ‘elaichi’. This small green shell can help you get rid of that smell. Cardamom is also helpful in relieving acidity. It improves digestion system and is also said that cardamom is amazing home remedies to cure indigestion fast. Cardamom is also beneficial for people suffering from asthma so all the asthma patients start having elaichi daily, this will be great respite.

So, next time before spending money on Doctor’s fees, go and search for some stuff in your house. The best cures are done at home. These treatments are without any side effect; we just have to know our kitchen a little better. Hence, your own kitchen is all together a chemist shop where you can get medicines free.


Sakshi Jain

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