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Cancer is the growth and development of abnormal cells, which would destroy the tissues of our body. There are also known as tumor and malignant tumor. These cancers can spread from one region to other part in our body.  When you have difficulty in swallowing, lumps in breast, sore which doesn’t cure at all, bleeding which is entirely different from before or sudden discharges these can be earlier indications of cancer. Cancer is of hundred types like breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer and lymphoma.  Cancer now occurs at all age groups, the occurrence of cancer is now increased and that is the sad part of cancer in worldwide. We all know that cancer is a destructive disease; it destroys the life of humans easily.

Cancer a real Business

Why we say that cancer is not a disease and it is purely an business, because several pharmaceutical companies by manufacturing drugs for cancer, they start earning plenty of money out of these medicine manufacturing. These concerns are purely money minded, they make it favour by knowing the severity of cancer and try to produce drugs which are costlier for treating cancer. So by no way, people want to protect their life and save it from cancer, so they too start purchase the costly drugs to heal cancer, these drugs are immediate killers of pain undoubtedly, that supports the cancer patient.

Why we say it is purely a business can you think of it, yes I want you all to recollect those days when the occurrence of scurvy in long years ago among sea voyagers, because of the scurvy several thousands of people have lost their lives, it was thought that time as an deadly disease and no other way to treat it, but later on it was found that deficiency of vitamin-c only causes this scurvy, when you start supplying this vitamin-C to your body, the disease gets cured well. So the root cause of the scurvy was not first known, later it is identified and treated, likewise this cancer is emerging everywhere in world as a deadly disease, the root cause of cancer was noted but many pharma companies want to hide it, because they started manufacturing these drugs and they now need to earn money in double, so they had seen the profit by manufacturing the medicine for cancer, that are very expensive, when it goes in people hand they put more money to get those drugs. So the business to be continued then they could earn lots of money from it.


You know cancer is caused by the deficiency of vitamin B-17, this vitamin when lowered in body then cancer develops in body, when you start supplying your body with this wonderful vitamin B-17 cancer can get treated, so such a easy way to eliminate cancer, but it is very sad that these information are known before several years itself, but still it is unable to go and reach the public, because of those pharmaceutical companies only.

For all disease there is a free treatment at somewhere in some medical centers, but for cancer there is no free treatment at all, if you need to treated with cancer, then you compulsorily have to pay to get medicine and afford the cancer treatment, this point the pharma companies have nicely made planning, because of it, when there is a need for cancer treatment, to save life of an individual we though poor spend money to treat cancer.

Cancer can very well treated using vitamin-B 17, for this any people can afford money. Because it doesn’t cost much and see how we are unaware of this information. Here in this session also we shall see on the possible other ways that can be combined together, that can be used as an alternative therapy in cancer curing.

  • Wheat buds in diet can be a best remedy in treating cancer, since they are anti-cancerous medicine, laetrile and liquid oxygen are found in it densely, and these are the wonder doing cancer medicine.
  • Fruit stone of apple and apricots are found with laetrile, this is the precursor form of vitamin-B17. The other term for it is amygdaline.
  • Kernels and almonds to be included in diet.
  • Linseed, flax seed, linen seed and sesame seed does wonderful effect on body.
  • Whole grains, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin vegetable and seed of it, paddy rough rich are dense source of vitamin-B17.
  • Berries like raspberry, blue berry, strawberry and black mulberry, these are excellent source of vitamin-B17.
  • Lentil sprouts, lima beans, peas, seeds of prune, apple, pears, peach and apricot are high source of vitamin-B17.


By taking this in diet alone won’t cure cancer, you need to do life style modification, like if you’re alcoholic stop taking alcohol, if you’re chain smoker then quit smoking, it you take tobacco stop chewing it on mouth. Also try to avoid eating fast foods and packaged foods. Eat on right time, regularly do your exercise without fail, cut down your weight if you’re obese, try to overcome stress and be relaxed. You can eat on organically grown vegetables and fruits, which are free of pesticides and chemicals which would save you from hazardous substances that entering the body.

If you are stress freely living and following correct food habits that are healthier, that would really save you and enhance your immunity power naturally. Drink 3 -4 liters of water in a day, have enough sleep in a day and by doing so you can counter this cancer well. If you’re not affected with cancer, then you can prevent the onset of cancer by following this preventive measure.

Hope this article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life. Then you can say good bye to cancer and save our precious life.

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