Know more about the chapped lips!

Have you seen those cracks on the lips? That could be either your lips or somebody else’s lips but those cracks are extremely prominent!

Sometimes those cracks can even bleed- The condition is called as scurvy which is commonly known as vitamin C deficiency. It takes a month for that deficiency to show these symptoms.

Otherwise normal cracks on the lips are called as cheilitis.

Nobody really pays attention to the starting symptoms of cheilitis and the tips for lips care unless it reaches a point where medical care needs to be taken!

What are the causes of such cracks on the lips?

  • Lips are more prone to dryness, it is because it does not have oil glands and sweat glands which are required to keep lips moisturized.
  • Not many people will know this but there is one most common thing which actually affects the moisturizing big time which is frequent licking lips!
  • Saliva which touches the lips while licking affects the skin layers drastically. Once the saliva evaporates, the dryness on the lip increases even more.
  • The people who lick their lips more often see some changes in their lips like darkness, cracked lips, very crusted and sometimes this can lead to painful and bleeding lips!
  • Apart from vitamin C, lack of B complex vitamins also causes cracked lips!
  • If you think that cosmetics helps in getting your condition of lips better, this is certainly wrong! In fact, cosmetics lead to extreme damage to lips! It can be your lip balms, long-lasting lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks etc…
  • Apart from cosmetics, cinnamon, capsaicin (It is an active component in chili pepper), fragrant balms etc also affect the health of lips!
  • Excessive intake of vitamin A also called cracked lips
  • Sun exposure, irritants, fragrances, infectious lip contact also affects healthy lips!

So, how can you deal with these cracked lips?

  • Apply petroleum jelly.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to remove flaky skin.
  • You can also use a mild scrub to remove the excessive dry skin.
  • Use lip balm which is absolutely bland without any flavor or fragrance.
  • Whenever you buy a lip balm always check for special ingredients like petroleum, beeswax, mango butter, plain butter, shea butter, castor oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, glycerin which are healthy for your lips!
  • Always check for an added sunscreen with SPF more than 15 so that your lips get good sun protection which can improve the health of lips!
  • Keep applying lip balm every 30 minutes to keep it moisturized till the condition gets better. I have seen people getting addicted to lip balms but that is more common with flavors and fragrance containing lip balms. Try being natural as much as possible. You can also apply malai to your lips before going to bed which acts as a natural moisturizer.
  • Take care of your hydration status, drinking water is very very important. Make sure you are drinking at least 3 liters a day.
  • Take enough fruits and vegetables into your diet as there are many health benefits of fruits.
  • If these tips are not helping you, please consult your dermatologist for medical treatment!

Looks are important, good health is even more important!

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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