By taking a low protein diet the risk for cancer can be reduced and cancer immunotherapy treatment can be enhanced, thereby the therapy can be carried on effectively without any interference. In a recent research conducted it is found that low protein diet helps in lowering the cancer risk. What is cancer; it is the growth of abnormal cells that too in an uncontrollable way, finally lead to the destruction of the tissues. Cancer is of several types like breast cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, melanoma etc. Tumors like benign tumors they would not get spread to all over the body. Changes in gene occur when you smoke, explosion to harmful chemicals, tobacco chewing, virus, radiation, obesity and due to absence of physical activity.

The occurrence of cancer is now a day’s seems to be very common, because of pollution and other causes. Treatment for cancer will be of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy and targeted treatment. Of course diet plays a major role in cancer treatment. Generally a cancer patient needs a high calorie diet to counter his loss in weight, since there will be rapid weight loss found, bleeding will be seen that is of abnormal, so diet that is rich in iron is must. Lumps are found on them, they may have cough which is seem to be for a prolonged period of time. Still now there is more than hundred types of cancer are found.

Protein is used by the cancer cells as fuel when there is absence of sugar, mostly cancer cells are feed by sugar and it helps in faster growth of those cancerous cells. Sugar is the easily utilizable nutrient for cells of our body. When this sugar is absent, then protein and fat are utilized by cancer cells to get energized. When your diet is less in dietary protein, then cancer cells growth rate can be delayed, also when you change the protein quality ratio, which would also helps to affect the tumor cells growth rate. So in our diet we should avoid protein, particularly to avoid the animal source of protein, by doing so fueling the tumor cells can be stopped and growth rate of these cancerous cells can be retarded.

In a research study it was concluded that low protein diet inhibits the growth of tumor cells, that too it was found more appropriate for breast cancer and prostate cancer. Animal source of protein contain that specifically designed amino acids which aids in faster growth of tumor cells, when you stopping eating it, growth of those cancerous cells can be stopped and cells are protected and it finally helps to improve the effectiveness of the immune therapy for cancer patients.

So your low protein diet can be with plant source of protein, they are not worsening like animal source of protein. The RDA recommends for an adult to intake 45 to 60 grams of protein in a day. That much of protein is must for healing process in cancer patients, but protein must be had from plant source and completely avoid eating animal sources like red meats. Generally for a normal person his diet will be loaded with protein naturally, but for a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery for them protein intake should be increased and that helps to recover faster, repair the tissues and here dietary protein should come from plant source and not from animal source, thus source of protein is much more essential in effective treatment of cancer patient.

Swiss scientist also found in a study that APOBEC protein, that induce changes in our gene and causing mutation in it, finally causing cancer in human being. This dangerous cellular protein (APOBEC) fights against several viral infection. But they cause several cancerous on human being. These APOBEC proteins naturally affect the single stranded DNA.

When DNA mutation occurs and huge accumulation of DNA mutation happens, that will affect the gene and finally result in the development of dangerous life threatening cancer in our body.


Cancer patient diet should be met with right formulation of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Vitamins, minerals and water are essential too. To make you healthier, stronger and tissues to get strengthened correct choice of food is essential, some cancer patients may eat well, but the nutrients are not utilized in body and absorption rate of nutrients in body is less for them. So choose a diet that is made from plant source of protein and stay away from animal source of protein.

I hope this low protein diet article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information, let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life. You can rate this content by giving your valuable feedback and share it among your friends and family members.

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