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Heart skips a beat. When the word CANCER hit the ears. There is nothing deadlier than a person suffering from cancer. Cancer has been on its peak in recent decade causing maximum deaths. Every year, something new comes up about cancer. It seems like there is no end to this fatal thing. But wait. Nothing is impossible right? The word impossible itself says I AM POSSIBLE. Then why do we just lose everything when it comes to cancer. Right since childhood we have been hearing this that prevention is better than cure. Then why do we always forget to implement it in our life’s? why do we always choose something which is more difficult and more painful to handle?


  • Cancer is basically a disease in which the abnormal cells in the body starts multiplying rapidly without any control on it. This abnormal division of cells becomes dangerous because this multiplication is destroying all the healthy body tissues. You can heal cancer naturally magical fruit.


  • Cancerous cells can destroy any healthy tissue but breast, prostate gland, colon, lungs, cervical region, blood, liver are most commonly affected.
  • Out of these, survival chances of patient with blood cancer is the least as compared to others.


  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy or radio therapy.

We must have heard about chemotherapy in past few decades. The moment word chemotherapy strikes, cancer follows it without any further explanation. Second question which comes up is chemotherapy is given, but for which cancer? Cancer is not just one, it comes with variations! It doesn’t like to stick at one place. We must have heard people saying this that variety is the spice of life, maybe cancer also heard this and took it very seriously! It likes to leave its trace almost on entire human body. there is hardly any part of the body left where cancer doesn’t occur. They say that there is no cure or supplements for fighting cancer but maybe managing cancer can increase your life span. There is nothing wrong with it. Instead of going natural, people try for deadlier options and one of them is chemotherapy.


  • Also known as chemo, this therapy is creating a boom in the healthcare system!
  • This therapy is most widely used in cancer treatment.

(People are having a big notion that chemotherapy is just used for cancer. Well it’s not like that. That is true that it is widely used in cancer treatment but just used for cancer treatment is not appropriate. Apart from cancer, chemotherapy is widely used in bone marrow transplantation. Other than this, it is also used to deal with immunity disorders. This was about the higher doses of chemotherapy. To use this therapy for other disorders, lower doses of chemo drugs can be used to control hyperactive immune system in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, just an example)

  • This therapy used different dosage of drugs depending on the stage of cancer.
  • The dosage and effect of these chemo drugs are high enough to kill the abnormally growing cancer cells.
  • While these chemo drugs are busy stopping the growth of those abnormal cancerous cells, they are also harming the good cells of the body. there are few cells in the body which rapidly grow like ones in the mouth or hair or nails. Chemo drugs confuse themselves between the abnormally growing cancerous cells and fast growing normal cells.
  • As a result, hair fall is very commonly seen in patients undergoing chemotherapy however these effects are not seen once the chemotherapy sessions are over.
  • If the abnormal cells are less in number, they are often killed through chemotherapy sessions without any kind of surgery.
  • If the cancerous cells have completely destroyed a part of the body, then surgery is the only option left. In such cases, chemotherapy is given if in case there are any cells still left.
  • Chemotherapy sessions are also given if size of tumour has to be reduced before surgery.
  • Once the surgery is done and all the chemotherapy sessions are over, no assurance is given that cancerous cells will never come back. For such cases, chemotherapy sessions are also given if there is any kind of abnormality seen in the body which is normally known as relapse of the cancerous cells.

This was all about chemotherapy which one should commonly know. Apart from this, radiotherapy or radiation therapy is used in management or treatment of cancer which will be covered in the upcoming articles! Stay tuned.


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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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