Know more about osteoporosis and exercises which can benefit you!

Back with a new article, now its osteoporosis!

Have you heard about osteoporosis before? In very simple language, it means that your bones become weak.

If your bones become weak, it means that your fracture rate increases.

A gentle push on the ground and your bone breaks!

I have seen people considering osteoporosis as a very common thing and its okay to have it.

Trust me, it is not. Getting a fracture and not getting healed is definitely a big thing!

You might not have osteoporosis but your near and dear ones can have it.

It’s important for everyone to get basic information which can be useful to anybody!

For the people who suffer from, they are always worried about the following things :

  • You might get a fracture
  • You might have to depend on your family members
  • Your bones might never heal
  • You cannot live a normal life ever

Osteoporosis is not a joke, there is no such pain which is felt but yes it does matter.


How do you know that you are at a risk of osteoporosis ?

(1) Hormonal changes

This is very common when there are changes in oestrogen and testosterone levels in the body. Sometimes high thyroid levels can also put you at a risk of osteoporosis.

(2) Calcium deficiency

In India, calcium deficiency is very common because vegetarians are more where they don’t reach their calcium requirement. 3 servings of dairy a day are something which is very crucial but most of the people fail to reach their requirement which is putting you at a risk of osteoporosis because your body tends to reach a point where all the stored calcium is lost.

(3) Vitamin D deficiency 

In India, every second patient i see is suffering from vitamin D deficiency. They do their blood test, go to the doctor and get themselves supplemented. The most common mistake which i see people doing is taking supplements for a while and then stopping it. With this, the levels go up for a while but it comes down again. This leads to lot of vitamin D fluctuations. Always remember, please take a maintenance dose so that these fluctuations doesn’t happen. When you have vitamin D deficiency, calcium absorption becomes less which in turn leads to calcium deficiency.

(4) Malabsorption of nutrients

If someone is suffering from IBS which is also called as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS which is also called as inflammatory bowel disease can lead to malabsorption of nutrients in the small intestine which can put you at a risk of osteoporosis.

(5) Any surgeries which leads to digestive issues can further lead to osteoporosis.

(6) Long-term use of acidity tablets like pantoprazole with a combination of domperidone can lead to an additional risk of osteoporosis. It aids in further bone loss because it decreases the production of stomach acid which further leads to decrease in absorption of calcium.

(7) Long-term use of steroids like cortisone can further lead to increased risk of osteoporosis.

(8) Excess of cardio with no strength training will lead to added boneless as age goes up.


Factors which leads to increased risk of osteoporosis :

  • Your age plays a major role in increased risk of osteoporosis.
  • Your gender. Research has shown that females are more commonly prone to increased risk of osteoporosis than males.
  • Research has shown that Asians are more commonly prone to osteoporosis than any other race.
  • Your frame size also affects the risk of osteoporosis for example if you have small and weak bones than the porosity of the bones will increase.

Earlier, osteoporosis was treated with some specific exercises only but more research on osteoporosis was done where it was found out that the exercise which was recommended was not enough and there is something definitely more which can be added to it. Weight-bearing exercises were prescribed earlier. Weight-bearing exercises mean that exercises which use body weight are more helpful in dealing with osteoporosis. Walking is one such weight bearing exercises which were prescribed. Walking does work in stopping the bone loss from happening but only for sedentary people. It did not add to anything extra for the people who were already very active. Walking is definitely a very good exercise but it is not extremely great too which needs to be taken care off.

I normally get patients in late 40’s where they say that

” Is umar main ab kaha ab weights uthayenge, humse nai hoga hum sirf thodi der walk zarur kar sakte hai “

and i always tell them that

” Uncle/Aunty exercise aur weights uthane ki koi umar nai hoti! Umar ki wait karnge toh bimaariyon ki umar lambi ho jayegi “

There is no age to start, its just that fitness is extremely important so you can always start!

No, no start with the basics.

Take baby steps.

Only progress with the help of physiotherapist or a certified personal trainer if this doesn’t happen, injuries are always waiting to happen!

Take care, stay fit!

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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