Dreams are very important, they are the thoughts. Mind which now comes under the control of inner subconscious mind, they use image, experience and emotions, while it does not use the words now. Still now the functions of dreaming are not found yet. Thus the purpose of sleep is not fully understood. It is scientifically found that dreams actually do not mean anything specifically. These dreams are nothing but the electrical brain impulses which pulls randomly the thoughts and our memories. Also we humans after getting up in the next day morning, giving construction to the dreams and all these are done to make the dream a sensational one. To maintain proper functioning of physical, emotional and mental health these dreams are highly essential. Also one research study says that those who fail to dream for them tension seems to be present in high level.

It is generally believed that early morning sleeps are true and it can happen as such. It is better you can keep a dream journal besides your bed side that helps to know whether the dream is true or not. The precognitive dreams don’t have any logic at all, while the prophetic dream at few peoples has the power to predict the future.


Dreams can remain for 3 seconds to 30 minutes; it may vary from person to person. Not everybody remember the dream, only few people can remember the dream and others are unable to remember it in the next day morning itself.  For this study they took forty one persons and asked whether they are able to recall their dreams or not.

In this study half of the people who took part in it said that they can remember and recall the dreams, while the remaining half of them was unable to recollect their dreams. While these study group people sleeping, they took positron emission tomography, which is a brain imaging technique, this is used to analyse the brain activity of them while they are sleeping.  During the REM sleep, these people can very much remember their dreams. Also it is found clear that the most memorable dreams occur only during REM sleep. It is found clear in the research study that those people who remember the dreams experienced more exciting dreams.

The process which store our memories that gets stopped during sleep time, during night times those who dream more seems to get up more often at night times. This one activates the process which store our memories. This illustrate us that waking up after dream which allow our brain to encode that further into the memory. Those people who remember their dreams they will have more of dreams. This was said by the International Business Report.


We sleep at all stages of sleep not only during REM sleep, we remember very clear during the REM sleep period, dream is highly essential one to keep one healthy, dreams are not only the by-product of sleep alone. Dreaming is a healing process. It is a therapy done at overnight times, generally it is well said by experts that time heals wounds, the time which is spent during the dream sleep heals says research study. Thus REM sleep takes away the painful sting, traumatic conditions, the hardest and difficult emotional mind upsets which you experience in a day time. It heals all this things and keeps your brain healthier and human body healthy, so that the next day when you get up it keeps you fresh and clear in mind level. Thus during the REM sleep time our brain is free from anxiety and stress.

Poor sleep at night times can cause conflict in a relationship says research study, if you want to shine well and perform a task in a improved and better way you need to sleep well particularly at night times, night sleep are must for any age group of people, if you sleep well at night times, the emotional disturbances are controlled well and you can remain away from harmful and painful feelings of emotional upsets.

By concluding lines we can say that those people who don’t dream or those persons who fail to remember their dreams have a relaxed and sound sleep. Dreaming has the power to increase creativity on one self and also it increases the problem solving skills. So learn to get sufficient sleep at night times, so that you get good dreams, which may be helpful to get the benefits of dreaming. So sound sleep really keeps you healthier undoubtedly.

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